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    Who the hell are you?!

    Yes, I know a lot of us here are performers, but I really doubt it is our full time job.

    I want to know who you all really are.

    This is who I am and what I do:

    I am a 21 year old performer, who has completed a Performing Arts (ND) with a triple grade of high merits, and I am currently in my last year at university studying Drama, Performance and Theatre Arts (BA (Hons)). I am also on placement working for the Regent Theatre.


    I am hoping that after my education I will have enough experience and knowledge in order to take my magic into the big wide world and perform for a living.

    So who the hell are you? ;)
  2. Hi there,
    My name's Josh, and I'm 16, I still go to school, but the year's just finished.
    I do magic as a hobby, and I can't really see myself performing professionally in the future.
    I live in NSW, Australia, and I specialise in card magic, mentalism, and rubberband stuff.
  3. Hi guys
    My name is Emir, I'm 22 years old. I study Sports Academy for basketball coach, i will graduate in two weeks (yey :)). I work as a basketball coach, and as a waiter in a bar. I'm going to the gym for about 3 years now. And I'm in magic for about year and a half. I didn't perform much, but i have videos from my last performance, which i will put up here soon :)
    I am mainly card magician with two rubber band tricks and one or two mentalisam tricks, and yeah, no coin tricks :(
  4. i am me. and thats pretty hard to do :)
  5. I am paul, im 13 years old and I go to school,
    im doing my maths and bioligy gcses (erghhhhh) (my schools abit weird), I plan on going to collage and doing art,film,drama while making a gypsy caravan.

    I dont perform much but when I do I try and make it more special.

  6. Hey Steve,

    Great idea!

    Im 21 from South Australia (Right on the beach!)

    I work in Management at Westpac Banking Corp (Australias Biggest Bank) aswell as doing freelance graphic and web design (matt-tarrant.com)

    Been doing magic for around three years, and specialize in cards.

  7. hello

    my name is tim, i am 14 years old from sydney, australia

    i am at school but am finishing up in 2 days (yay)

    i have been into magic for 6 months (not counting my few on-off stints as a young child) i mainly do card magic but am interested in mentalism and geek magic but am yet to 'travel down that road'
  8. I'm 20 (nearly 21) living in VA

    I work at a Hotel fulltime and do freelance websites on the side. I go to University of Advancing Technology, I major in Network Security.

    I've been into magic for about 1 yr now but only seriously practicing for roughly 6-8 months. I do mostly card magic but I do enjoy mentalism as well as geek magic.

    That's about it really.
  9. My names Chris Lafferty, I'm 22 and I work full time within a big power and utilities company, in an IT role.

    My spare time is split between hanging with my mates, developing magic, playing in my band and literary endeavours.

    My main interests lie in music, magic, design, art, literature and ladies.

  10. Yo

    Im JDENredden

    I live in Hewett, SA, Australia

    Im 14 years of age

    Im educated at Xavier College in Yr 9

    I work for B-Base.mobi iPhone Development Team

    I perform magic for money when I can be F***ed

    I create effects to share to the community.

    Thats about it

  11. I'm Jack I live just outside DC. Im 15 and do magic for my friends, my family, and people on the streets. Ive been doing magic for 2 years but taking it seriously for about 1.
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    Hello. My name is Dee. I'm been into magic for about 16 years, got into it when I was a little child!

    I started performing a bit more seriously though though when I was about 10, first proper gig was in primary school when me and another magic friend wrote and choreographed and awesome 10 minute comedy and magic show for the rest of our school!:p

    My income these days is split about half and half between professionally performing and creating magic and mentalism and providing creative and marketing solutions as a consultant to a wide variety of companies from magic related peeps to big corporate companies like Samsung.

    ...And me and Lola had Christmas yesterday... We said we'd just open ONE present then... but we accidentally opened all of them as we didn't have any parents telling us not to... :p

  13. My Name is Gary, I'm 16 and I live in Ohio. I work at McDonald's, well its my first job. I've been doing magic for about 6 years, but seriously for around 4. I specialize in cards, and once I finish my driving classes, and get my license, I'm planning on trying to get a job at restaurant. Well that's about all.

  14. Hi,
    =P I'm Eugene....Soh.... I recently turned 15
    I'm a freshman in high school.
    I recently realized my last name is an acronym for "Sleight Of Hand"
    I've been flourishing/magicing for almost 2 years now.
    This is my Youtube if you wanna check out my stuff.

  15. hi, I'm James. I'm 17. I'm a Junior in high school. I'm in theater arts 3 class. I've only been into magic for a little over 2 years, but even though I haven't been performing magic for that long, I've been a quick learner. I love performing, wheather it be magic or an acting scene. I'm hoping that one day I can turn pro with my magic and also become an actor.

    I've auditioned for many movies such as Blades of Glory and The Dark Knight. I was in an episode of the TV show Friends one time.
  16. yoyoyo
    i am louis
    i`m in highschool
    and i play with cards..
  17. which episode (ive seen about all of them) are you in and who are you? (sorry but friends is AWESOME!)
  18. Greetings, I'm Tyler Johnson and I'm 19 years old. I live in Virginia and am getting my general studies out of the way at the moment. After I get my general studies out of the way, I'm going to be getting my degree as a graphic designer. I work for www.NiceneCouncil.com as a producer for their documentaries and am happy to have such linkage. But, most importantly, I have a wonderful fiancee whom I am going to marry on July 25th of next year. Peace!

  19. My name is Rick Everhart. I am 30 years old and live in Canton, Ohio. I have been an elementary education teacher for 9 years. I have my principal's license and hope to be an administrator in the next 5 years. I also coach the middle school wrestling team and have done amateur bodybuilding for the past few years. I know...throw in magic and balloon sculpting and I'm definitely a weirdo. Ha Ha. I first started doing magic to motivate my students at school, but it has now turned into something bigger and I am doing paid gigs on the side. Nice hearing from everyone.
  20. My Name is Henzy David

    i'm from singapore. studying in LaSalle School of the arts doing my foundation year this year with an intention of either doing graphic design/communication design or photography.

    19 this year with a character that some of my friends deem mysterious, thus the creation of my name. Mhystry.

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