Who do you feel are the top creators in magic today?

Jan 16, 2008
Wroking Overseas
In my opinion I would have to say Richard Sanders, Daniel Madison, Daniel Garcia, and Wayne Houchin. Garcia and Houchin to me always release the best material that gives the most impromptu feel to the effects that is why I lean towards them. But who are your favorites?


Jan 11, 2008
I agree with Dan Hauss, b.Smith, Sean Fields, Max Maven.....
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Oct 24, 2008
Savannah, GA
Sean Fields, Richard Osterlind, Docc Hilford - great stuff.

I'm also reading the Switchcraft billet book by Elliot Bressler, and it's bar none the most clever treatise on the subject I've read.
Mar 15, 2009
I don't have a favorite magic creator, or creators, for that matter. I perform with my own style, and there are some effects out there that fit me perfectley - regardless of creator. I know of some stage performers who simply created an awesome close-up effect, and vica verca. It's about the magic, not the creator.

Sometimes, my favorite creator is myself, sometimes it's the 10 year-old on YouTube, and sometimes it's a big name like Garcia or Houchin. It all depends on what style I'm currently into, and what else is available.

While some artisists have a great reputation, it honestly doesn't mean that their magic is any better than that of a creative 12 year old (and believe me, I know some insanely good and creative 12 year-olds). However, the 12 year-old will not be able to have the same success as the credible artist, simply because of experience, even if his effect is better.

To stay in line with the topic, I guess I have to pick a favorite. I don't really have one, but currently I am really enjoying all of Wayne Houchin's stuff. It is all simple, and hits the hardest of most anything I know. Of course, there are others, but currently, I guess that my favorite magic artist is Wayne Houchin (it is constantly changing).
Sep 20, 2008
Creator? Sanders releases some good stuff.

But Houchin takes the cake on this one. Each and every effect he has released so far has been breath taking. Garcia on a close second, and Sanders on third.
I'm going out on a limb here and staying away from Danny and the named few.

-Paul Harris
-Randi Raines
-Malone (many apsects)
-David Williamson

Some of my favs. While Dannys got some good stuff there are so many more out there that deserve the credit. Even though few of these guys don't release to the public for the most part, if you ever have a chance to meet them they'll change the way you view magic.
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