Who do you look up to, and why?

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  1. Who is your inspiration? Everyone here must have at least one person who they look up to, if they are famous or not.

    So, who drives your magic forward?

    For me, it has to be my mum, dad, Lance Burton, David Copperfield, Jeff McBride, Matthew Garrett, Terry Seabrooke, and every magician who has ever given me one piece of criticism.
  2. Mr.Z, Clock, and will.
  3. Derren Brown, purely because he's one of the only magicians I can watch and not be trying to work out the method in my mind. Says ALOT about his presentation.
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    Derren Brown, he is an amazing performer, and from his performances you get the idea he is an incredible person too. He is very funny, and I love how he expresses his views, a true inspiration.
    Daniel Madison for having ridiculous tricks, general all round think he's amazing.
    Lee Asher for being a charasmatic, great performer. 'A lesson in Simplicity'
    My mate Adam.
    Liam Walsh, showing the reacions you can get.
    Also JB. For being hilarious.

    Edit: Been watching some Luke Jermay... Wow.

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    I look up to Ryan Stiles, because he's taller than me.

    But in all seriousness, I admire Derren Brown, Luke Jermay and Daniel Madison. Simply put, they're my favourite British magicians.

    -Sam H
  6. I look up to anyone who is brave enough to do what they love for their entire life.

    I look up to derren brown because he does real magic (or the closest anyone has ever got to real magic)

    I look up to wayne houchin for being able to make dreams in realitys

    and lots of others :)
  7. no way, as soon as i read the title, i came to make that joke!! aaron gerami is like 6'6' at 15 and i thought i would turn it into a pun! :D you beat me to it..
  8. My insperation comes from those that support what I do. The people that are always excited, anxious and willing to see more from me, they encourage me to continue and remind me that I do this for others not only myself.
  9. Definately my Mom and Dad because they help me in magic a lot. Magic wise I look up to is Ben Earl because seeing his performances are awesome. Everything is smooth and perfected.
  10. Michael Kent, I always wanted to be a magician like that before I even found him. He is funny and is good at magic.
  11. Chris Kenner, Guy Hollingworth, Lennart Green......
  12. Derren Brown just because he's such a great and charismatic performer, Dan and Dave because of their finesse with cards, and of course Blaine for taking tricks straight out of a magic shop and adding serious character to it to get the biggest reactions I've ever seen. Ricky Smith also, not sure why but then I met him I just liked him as a person.
    I look up to my parents as well because they showed me how hard work can pay off in anything. They don't support my magic at all though because they think it won't get me anywhere in life, but that only drives me to work harder and go further to prove them wrong.

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