Who has a YouTube Channel?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZacEckstein, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Who here has a youtube channel (That they actually use)?
  2. i actually used to upload a bunch of like little practice vids but not so great than i figured out vimeo and its so much better. I mean now i mostly just upload all my stuff to vimeo but just as back up to youtube as well
  3. Why is vimeo so great? i have had a vimeo account as you all know, and i find that you tube is nothing different. In fact, my videos get up there faster than vimeo. The only thing is, is the music thing. i guess that's why people like vimeo more right?
  4. Vimeo(in my opinion) is far better for some reasons:

    *Very small amout of spam or spammers.

    *I like the overall layout of the site

    *The content in the videos is pretty much well moderated.

    *They let you have music.

    *Among other things :).
  5. The video quality is better, there are no annoying comments, the music thing, plus it is just a nicer looking site.
  6. You are right. it just seems you tube is the place to be. I still love vimeo but, I will probably get more success on you tube.
  7. my problem with youtube is that many times i get the error message and videos cant be played. A lot of people seem to have this problem. Also, there are many more annoying magic exposure videos on youtube, so vimeo is just less cluttered.
  8. Agreed. I think the vids are more clearer than youtube.
    Well, with my camera anyway.
  9. mmhmm. I wonder if I should switch back lol.
  10. I recommend using both, and including a link to the parallel video in the descriptions.
  11. thanks bro. I might do that.
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    Heres mine http://www.youtube.com/MagicofRahat

    I try to post at least one video every week. (subscribe!)

  13. yah man i mean i think its alot better quality on vimeo thats why i like it more although youtube u can got alot more popular if your good i guess...
  14. www.youtube.com/atf90

    no magic quite yet. It's live music performances of yours truly... so yeaaaah. I guess it could be seen as magical though.

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