Who Here Are Members of The Magic Castle

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    This post has been edited, thanks to all of the awesome and uber cool magic kiddos here at Theory11. Your advice and professionalism regarding my many postings here on this site has been invaluable....
  2. I performed there hundreds of time, and yes I'm a member. Everytime im there, I feels like I'm home; that's how good it felt. One time Zach Galifianakis was in my show.
  3. I've shared the stage there once with Johnathan Pendragon during a show last year. That was pretty cool.
  4. that's dope man, btw this is Tricky Devil
  5. I perform there too. I'll be having another show in December. Super excited.
    One time I had a show that consisted of a mohito and a rubber ducky. No joke. Drunk people get very interesting at the magic castle.

    I turned 16 there. I was hanging in the green room after one of my shows and five minutes into my birthday I walk out and see a drunk guy passed out in his own vomit on a staircase. I told the bartender and he didn't say a word. I told my boss and he said to tell the bartender. I said I already did and then my boss didn't say a word.

    I got plenty of stories from that place.
  6. Hey

    I'm a Junior Member there! It's very fun! I'm auditioning to perform for brunches this month!
  7. Good luck Paul! Hope to see you up there

    I've just turned 21 and applied for my magicians membership (already an associate member), so I'll be up there more often. I rarely have any reason or friends to meet with up there so if anyone would like to hang out please let me know! It's a little bit of a drive for me so I'd like to make it worth the trip. Plus I'd love to hang and session with some of the people here in the forums, there aren't that many magicians where I live.
  8. You are? Sweet. I'll be there. Good luck man!
  9. I just became a member! Yet to preform

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