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  1. Who inspired you to get into magic and how? I remember when i was 8 years old and i switched on the TV. And there was this guy who came up in to the air on the streets. It was David Blaine. I thought back then that he had supernatural powers.:D
  2. David Blaine at first but now im inspired by Daniel Madison
  3. Initially it was my classmate who first showed me a card Backpalm. That trick was the most amazingly magical moment of my life basically.

    In mentalism Derren Brown really inspires me. Cliche I know. But he's got charisma.
  4. Max Maven.

    He is one of if not the only perform I can watch and just enjoy the performance. Watching his card calling using Si Stebbins leaves me more with more enjoyment than watching Osterlinds or anyone elses. Maven was the first to really make me believe in what he was doing.

    When I watch Derren I love how far he goes into selling the pseudo science explaination. However, with Derren I just don't get quite that feeling that lay people do.
  5. First it was a street magician doing cards across when I was a kid. That really captured me and blew my mind. But mostly it Copperfield when I was a kid. His specials were always the big talk of the day the following day at school. Blaine really re-inspired me too. Love what he's done for, and with, magic.

    Lots of current inspirations, as everyone here has, but those were the defining moments/performers that really sucked me in to this whole magic thing.
  6. I thick Dan & Dave Bucks inspired me the most.
  7. Sorry for double-posting.

    I was once a coin magician (still can palm a few coins), and two amazing coin magicians are Ponta the Smith and Eric Jones. I love Eric's seemingly fluid motions with coins; he seems to merge with his coins and his magic looks so effortless, it must be real magic. Ponta's coin work is flawless in structure and perfect in timing, and skill-wise he has to be one of the top in this generation.
  8. I have to say, actually when i was younger, Criss Angel! *Screams from other members* haha. But yeah, he did inspire me, but know i really enjoy watching Daniel Garcia. He is great.

    I also like Dan and Dave because they are just plain awesome.
  9. originally it was a guy at magic masters in orlando. but now i would have to say i draw my inspiration from my spectators. those people who love to watch magic, no matter how bad it sucks sometimes. they keep me going and keep me trying when i struggle with a move, or a routine. or whatever. they just love magic. its awesome.
  10. db

    mine who got me into magic was david blaine he is still the best to me but now wayne houchin, daniel garcia, and justin miller really inspire me but david blaine inspires me too
  11. I have no idea who the person was that inspipired me. I remember when I was maybe 6 or 7 and I saw a spanish magician on tv that took out a huge knife, cut his hand open, let people in the audience examine and them magicially repaired it. It blew me away. Even though I had no idea what he was saying it was stilll an increadible effect.
  12. To just do magic, I have to say David Blaine.......

    To push my perception of creativity and what magic was...Criss Angel

    To show me how to be a working pro and what to look for when doing magic, also some really good history.....Lee Asher......
  13. David Blaine no doubt. But I got a kick of inspiration when the bucks released the trilogy.
  14. Derren Brown has always been my biggest inspiration for magic-related performance. A close second is Ricky Jay.
  15. David Blaine, Tommy Wonder, Charlie Caper, and some one else i just discovered Bebel.
  16. Well at first I was inspired by the magician's of the original "World's Greatest Magic" Mostly the more strange acts, Jeff Mcbrid, Phelston Jones, Eugene Burger (His gypsy thread), I even remember Juan Tamariz (He hasn't changed a bit), then later on I was influenced by Criss Angel mostly the shear freakiness of his original character. I was a fan of his music before his first special. Unfortunately when I was starting, I was annoyed with David Blaine. Everyone wanted me to do David Blaine tricks!
  17. Dan and Dave Buck first inspired me to pick up a deck of cards and start to learn flourishing (after seeing Smokin' Aces and researching them later) and following my further investigation into the vast magic industry, I've found I have a few role-models in magic who I look to to help me become better at what I do.

    David Blaine because of his obvious involvement in what magic is today, and his performances help remind me that it's about the spectator and how important it is to be your own character while performing. I also read his book and really respect what he has to say and his experiences.

    Derren Brown (even though I'm not a mentalist) because I've read his books and.....wow. Absolute Magic, Pure Effect, and Tricks of the Mind are among the most imporant works I've ever read. His word is practically gospel for performers.

    And Daniel Madison because his effects are right up my alley and I have much respect for his views on magic, the industry, and performing.
  18. 6 years old. At school, some seniors came and did magic tricks for us for some reason I can't remember.
    I just remember the pure astonishment of seeing a knot be pulled off a piece of string after it was just tied. Magical.
  19. Well there were a lotta people....My uncle as a child, starting doing these tricks..they are so simple..but at the time, i thought he was the koolest guy on the planet....

    Growing up, David Blaine,i thought he was a real superman....

    Now i would have to say a collection of guys...Criss Angel, i love his moniker and presentation..

    Kevin Parker, he is really unique, plus really down to earth....he does these effects that makes me think, i could have thought of that.....

    Lee Asher, every word i hear from him, seems like i'm becoming more of a professional.....

    there are others, but its more of a collection of people tho....
  20. It was David Blaine. i saw a special of his when i was a kid. i tried to learn as much as i could but this was before T11 and E and my town didnt have much for magic books. so i left that behind me until a few years ago i saw another blaine special. and i started to research some of the tricks and clicked a link to E. and from there my first magic dvd was Bent Touch Slink by Daniel Garcia.

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