Who is the most creative mind in magic?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by christian1, Nov 14, 2009.

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    Hey Guy's,

    Who do you think is the most creative mind in magic right know? I mean of course Micheal Ammar and Dai Vernon and such would be definatly the most creative ever. But of young upcoming creators who is your favorite? Who do you think is the most creative? Who is most likely to succeed in the future.

    My favorites are as follows,

    Daniel Garcia- He is really creative and has come up with som sick effects.

    Richard Sanders- Wow this dude is a creative genius. he has created some amazing effects. Tagged, Identy, Extreme burn to name a few.

    Dan & Dave- They just are really really creative when it comes to card magic. The have come up with some amazing effects.

    Aaron Fisher- He has created some really cool effects like Search and Destory and for some reason I just like his style.

    Well the one's I have mentioned are just a couple I have tons more but these are some of my favorites . So what do you guy's think? Who do you think is the most creative and will go places?

  2. or... Paul Harris.
  3. I think all of them already are in their place. They make money of what they love and are know by magicans all over the world. So yeah they have succeed.
  4. I love Garcia and Sanders, but I really think Richard Sanders is above and beyond with how practical and how great of a reaction his effects get. The simple idea behind Identity just really blows me away.
  5. Dan and Dave
    Aaron Fisher (cool guy to meet. Try to see him if you ever get the chance)
    John Carney (hilarious guy)
    Daniel Garcia
  6. Bit surprised to see some of the names mentioned in this thread, especially the likes of Aaron and D&D to be honest.

    Though they are amazing, I dont really consider any of the three massively 'creative' or more so in the higher ranks. Dan and Dave would definatley be mentioned regarding Flourishing, but I wouldnt really suggest their magic is massively 'creative.' And I really dont consider Aaron one of the most creative.

    Personally, one of my favourite and the one I would list high in a list of creativity would be also one of the Theory 11 Artists (Though his previous effects before Theory11 I rate much higher regarding creativity) Mathieu Bich.

    The Black Hole
    Counter Weight

    And then of course his Theory11 releases.

    When it comes to creativity with the 'newer' age Magicians, Mathieu would have to be my number one (or come darn close.)
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    I think when looking at a topic like this you have to consider a few factors: the quality of the releases, the quantity of material released, the longevity of the creator's success, diversity of creations, etc. With that said...

    Paul Harris, by far. The guy has come up with so many off-the-beaten path effects and new, clever methods. I think some people may not appreciate it as much now, but if you think about how he was putting this stuff out in the 70s and how Coperfield was performing material by Paul Harris when he was first starting out it gives you some perspective on just how long this guy has been at the head of innovation in magic. The guy redefined close-up magic for an entire generation.

    Then add in Paul's unique philosophies and theories that helped sculpt Blaine and the entire street magic movement afterward, and that the guy is still going strong and putting out quality, notable releases like True Astonishments and the upcoming Little Man and it's hard to find anyone in his league. At least for now.

    The other two names I'd throw in as second and third would be Jay Sankey and Daniel Garcia. Both have established themselves by releasing an array of modern classics that have been performed by guys like Copperfield, Criss Angel, and David Blaine. Sankey, for me, would take the lead as of now. But he has years on Garcia at the moment. Garcia is still a pretty new creator; his name has just skyrocketed because he's had so many quality, groundbreaking, successful releases. He's still young too. I have a feeling the best Garcia has to offer is yet to come.

    So those are my three, in order:

    1. Paul Harris
    2. Jay Sankey
    3. Daniel Garcia
  8. Richard sanders is currently my #1 I perform more of his effects then anybody elses.
  9. garcias effects are creative but unpractical ... sorry but thats the truth.. sanders' effects are the bomb he is the real creatvie genius then... if we are talking about real hard core magicians .... derren brown is the genius here.
  10. David Regal and Paul Harris. Massively creative and great thinkers.
  11. i was thinking paul harris too
  12. #1 Richard Sanders
    #2 Paul Harris
    #3 Spelmann and Nardi

    The only reason I put up Sanders first is because he will still be continuing creating effects. He has many practical effects that while require some setup before it is well worth the wait.
  13. some of you may not like mine but i have to say Daniel Madison. Yes his effects may not seem as they can be used in the real world but thats where your practice, misdirection, and skill come into play. Some of the stuff he has come up with just leaves me in awe because its so simple yet will hit so hard that the laymen will remember it for a while. But thats just me =)
  14. Hm...
    some of the names...
    Dan and Dave Buck? seriously? their magic is not creative at all... "heres 1 card, heres another. flick. they change places"...
    In my opinion:
    Paul Harris, Richard Sanders, Joshua Jay, Joel Givens, Ray Kosby, and... majority of the frenchies out there (stone, chretien, bich, etc).
  15. To my mind, Ernest Earick is the one.
  16. Thanks, I forgot to mention them:) (David is another cool guy to meet to, very funny too)
  17. David J Castle
  18. Other then the ones stated, I believe there are a lot of creative guys that haven't crawled out of the wood work yet. I personally do no know any of them, but like air even though i do not see its existence I know its there.
  19. Paul Harris is without doubt one of the most creative

    David Regal is creative in his presentations, very different and interesting

    Mattheiu BIch also. Even though i'm not a fan of his effects, they are certainly creative

    Lastly, no one mentioned wayne houchin!
  20. Sankey. nuff said.

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