Who is the SANDMAN?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by louis, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. so in most of d+Ms video there is music ..right ?
    the music is made my someone called the SANDMAN
    here's a link to his myspace page
    (but read this before you click)
    many of us think that d+M is the SANDMAN
    and i do think he is..
    d+M said to the SANDMAN:
  2. I highly doubt the Daniel is the sandman
  3. i don't think anyone knows, some people think its d+m but i have not a clue.
    SANDMAN=MADNAS (madness) lol or DanManS (just playing around with the letters don't know why). lol

  4. I really do think that Daniel Madison is sandman, this is why:
    Before anyone knew of Sandman, daniel madison had his music on his videos.
    Also they're both from the UK
    Also if you look on Sandmans myspace at the bottom there is a slideshow and the second picture is says "Daniel Madison" and if you see Daniel Madisons picture looks like the real Sandman.
    Also Daniel Madison creates his own music now, he goes by HIMSELF, if you have "Madness" by Daniel Madison watch at the end of the video it says music by "HIMSELF" then the word HIMSELF disappears and you see "Daniel Madison" comes up, so it says music by "Daniel Madison"
    And is you listen to Daniel Madisons own music it sounds extremly similar to Sandmans.
    And theres more but I have to go...
  5. on his myspace page they had people imitating the sandman. D+M had done one and they looked very different. plus in one of his vids where (i think) he made the music he said it was made by the devil himself
  6. sandman

    has anyone seen his website? its pretty freaky
  7. Shouldn't you guys be practicing magic instead of thinking about useless ********?
  8. ooh Conspiracy theories...Penn and Teller should do a Bull**** episode on this...:)

    Hum...I will have to investigate further before I have an avid opinion.

    To the batmobile!
  9. ?

    shouldn't you be practicing magic instead of looking at all these "pointless" threads????
  10. ?

    that last comment was for dragon521 or watever his name is
  11. sorry i'm the sandman.. i never sleep so i practice at night..
  12. so it was YOU who stole my precious batmobile:D
  13. ?

    thats cool you practice at night....that thread was toward dragon521 for his smart lil comment.....
  14. Explain to me how this thread is useful...to anyone.
  15. how bout instead of replying with some lame comeback you go practice your magic dragon521
  16. some people just like to take a break and discuss other things....that is what general discussion is for....
  17. Love the music of Sandman, helps me get to sleep each night ironically.

    Unfortunately, however, this thread isn't magic-related, and I think it would be best to close it. Feel free to continue discussion in private, via PM. :)

    I am Sandman,
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