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  1. Generally, I like kids. But sometimes they can be the devil. Therefore, I will share this story with you!

    I don't usually do children's birthday parties, but I made today and exception. Most of the kids were generally quiet and attentive, except for one little devil. This girl was pulling my hair, hitting me, and stepping on my feet. No jokes. After ignoring this behavior and hoping the parents would step in, I excused myself from the children and pulled the girl's parents aside. I stated "You have to control your child, because I can't. If you don't, I'm leaving." After this, the child was controlled and stuck to calling me ugly. (Which I could deal with.)

    After the performance, and after giving the children their "treats" I was packing up my things. One of the parents asked if I wanted to stay for cake. I did, how could I say no to cake... seriously. I'm not allowed to be eating snacks for 2 weeks... but CAKE! While eating this cake, listening to interesting conversations. Devil girl (Picture for reference) came up to me. She pulled my hair once again, stepped on my feet for the hundredth time, and punched me on the leg.

    I got out of there as fast as I could and told her parents that she needs help.


    I'm scared.

  2. Maybe she was just wondering where all her cookies went to. She saw you vanish things, then put two and two together.

    I mean, if you ate cake, a cookie is nothing, right?


  3. I think there's only one explanation for this.

    She had a crush on you.

    Did you seriously leave without getting her number dude?
  4. Well, the fact that she was 9 sort of turned me off. :p

  5. Chances are you aren't going to see her again. You had nothing to lose man.

    PS Fortress in 10 days...!
  6. Ageist! How else are nine year old girls supposed to meet decent guys, if not by flirting with the magicians at their birthday parties?
  7. I don't know whether if I should be laughing, or scared by these responses...

  8. Haha, way to hang in there dude. Children can be the toughest audience, and it really shows how one's dedication when you manage to persevere. Kudos to ya.
  9. WOW
    that is so funny
    but i feel so sorry for you!
  10. This is why I collect my payment first thing before I even perform. So if stuff like this happens, I can leave.

    Secondly, you could have handled it a lot better (for you) in my opinion. If I had been the performer, I would have stopped the show entirely, telling all the kids and parents that if said little girl doesn't stop her behavior, I am going to pack up and go home.

    1. The kids won't like that and won't like her for ruining the show. Therefore, she'll end that quick fast and in a hurry.

    2. The parents won't like that either. They paid all this money for for me and I'm leaving early due to an obnoxiously behaved child. And most parents I know, and from my experience, would be appalled that their kids would act out in such a manner.

    One more thing......why did you even let her get THAT close to you?!?! For all my shows, with the exception of strolling gigs, I have a designated stage area. The only time people are allowed in "MY" area is when they're invited BY ME on stage. Other than that, they are to stay where they're at. You don't see people going up on stage at Lance Burton's show do you??? I expect that same courtesy from my audience as well.

    Also, if I do a kids show, I make it a point to put in the contract that any kid that interferes with the show, as in grabbing props while performing (unless they're invited BY ME on stage), harming other kids (or magician LOL!), or causing a disturbance that prohibits me from doing the show will be given one warning. After that, they are to sit with the parents (normally in the back of the room). If they continue to act out, it's at my discretion of whether or not I will continue to put up with it. 10 times out of 10, no. But, I've never had the situation arise either. The most I've ever had to do was give a warning that if a certain child (and that time I didn't use a name, but it was painfully obvious to the other children what kid I was talking about) didn't start behaving, the magician wouldn't be able to continue the show. That did the trick...no pun intended :p......

    Anyways...just some of my thoughts.

    Good Luck!

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