Who likes treasure hunts?

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  1. Well guys, now that the Centruions Treasure hunt is over, I thought I would post this now.



    Seriously. No offense to T11, but their treasure hunts fail in comparison to the insanity of notpron. Feel free to leave a post saying how far you've gotten in this game... WITHOUT CHEATING. NO CHEATING ALLOWED.

    I got to level 23 before I went insane.
  2. I got to level 3, whitch is terrible!

  3. thank u very much for posting this I'm luvin it.. I'm in level 3 BTW =(
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    I'm stuck at level 3 too :D >_>

    - Sean

    EDIT: ok now I'm stuck at 6
  5. lol. I can't even get past the first part. I feel stupid. Pretty cool so far though.
  6. i can't get past level four
  7. Oh I've had fun with notpron. :) For those stuck on level 3, I'll give you a hint. ;) If you stare at the picture long enough.... some words flash. :D The words say "Stop being so negative!" Now look at the URL. :D

  8. Oh, and for those stuck on level four. Here is the biggest hint in the world and if you can't figure this out..... well.... too bad. :D

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morse_code There you go.

  9. hmmm...I can;t get past the first page in the torment one....
  10. level 6 right now

  11. Is is like an optical illusion or do letters actually pop up?
  12. They pop up. Just look at the picture and after something like 10 seconds maybe (may be a bit more) for just a split second in the top right hand corner of the picture, the words will flash.


    PS: I cannot get passed the first level in Torment.:rolleyes:


    YAY! Level 2 in Torment. ;)
  13. sinful, I PM'd you about torment
  14. i got to level 6 of the notpron, and i am stuck in the second part of torment level 2, i got the hidden words, but "midnight"? what does it mean@@@

    help please
  15. I didn't put the username on Level 14 in "proper French". It wants me to restart my browser. Heck with that!
  16. help on torment level one please ...
    and 2
    somehow i passed level one to the next level deja vu... but i started again and now i dont remember what i did??!!! help
  17. Oh yeah, this used to drive me mad... Got to level thirty or something. Insane stuff...
  18. I'm stuck on part 2 of tormunet
    deja vu
    any help would be great
  19. Use CTRL + A.

    If anyone needs hints for torment send me a PM.

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