Who needs an invisible deck?

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  1. Now that is something you don't see every day. How do you come up with this stuff?!
    Also, I think it's pretty funny how they're walking around in formal wear on a beach while everyone's in their bathing suits lol. Gotta love these guys!
  2. That was awesome. I do things similar to this. I figured out most commonly thought of cards, and then hid them in different pockets.

    Anyway, awesome video. Penn & Teller are great.
  3. Those guys are dorky. They have great magic but I can't stand how dorky they are.
  4. Lets see, you have have one in each shoe (2), pockets of your pants (4), front shirt pocket (1), three to four in your over coat.

    Thats up to eleven cards you can keep in each location. You could maybe even double that by putting an envolope with a card in some pockets too. Which gives you even more.

    Ha, this could work out for an interesting preset.

  5. Check this out Jacob, but it is a secret. You can easily with any deck of cards glimpse at least 5 cards and have someone name a card. You can do this very openly by lifting cuts as if you are showing how "fair" the deck is. You will hit one of the cards around 1 out of 10 times. If you're really good you can lessen the odds. (I would just stick with around 5 or 6 at the most).
  6. Gee, sorry Mr. Jock.

  7. wow a commericial version of bang on we can actually use! haha
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    You kids!....... Don't like sports? I'm not a Jock in the sense you might be thinking. Everyone hates the fact that there is someone out there that could kick their butt. I'm sure you cry about it. Jock or not. Then I shall call you JDOCK.
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    It should be a nice day tomorrow JDOCK. What do you think of the weather? Too many jocks running around at school? Don't get hurt JDOCK! (Jocks are mean!)
  10. I love sports! You can go hang with your Jock bros and dis the 'Dorks' like Pen and Teller.
    Ill call you Sir FansJOCK.

  11. i loved the ending.

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