Who performs Indecent?

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  1. With the trick being butchered by terrible performances and exposed extensively on youtube, who here still performs Indecent?

    It is sad to see such a beautiful piece being ruined like this.
  2. As a side note, I am not saying youtube is ruining magic or any of that jazz. I'm merely curious as to who still uses this piece.
  3. I really don't see how bad performances on Youtube could possibly be a problem, in all the time i've been doing magic i've never had a single person work out an effect because they saw it on Youtube or go and look it up after my performance. They all have better things to do and really don't care that much. I can't see it being a problem for anybody over the age of 13.

    I don't use this effect as I simply couldn't get it to work consistently, I played around with it for quite some time, possibly a problem with the type of bags I was using, I might try it again sometime with one of the other suggestions Wayne gives for getting the card inside. It is a very nice effect though, if I get it working i'll definitely use it regularly.
  4. No I don't and the reason is that it does not suit my performance style anymore. Most (ok almost all laymen) don't spend all day looking at youtube. Especially to see a terrible webcam only performance, generally they have better things to do.
  5. If I Do Use It, I Will Use It After Performing Witness.
  6. naw man. Yeah sure crappy performances and exposure on youtube is a bit annoying but really about 95% of everyone else hasn't even heard of the trick, so really it's ok.

    I perform it, usually as a lead in to Witness. You know, I'll perform Indecent and then say, "Ok, now that was cool and all, but what if it happend in YOUR hands!?" And then I go onto Witness. Indecent is a pretty good trick.
  7. I think people should read the first two posts; in the second, he states that he isn't suggesting that YouTube is ruining magic.

    And no, I do not perform Indecent, simply because I have routines built around other effects. I might do it at a walkaround or private party, as kind of a "show us another card trick!" trick.
  8. about 3 times a week.
    It is an exceptional card effect since its not about the cards or transpo's.

    You know,people dont go on youtube to look at tricks.Laymen shouldnt even know that tricks have names.
  9. I do it after witness because they might think witness is prepared and indecent is a perfect cleaner.
  10. Let me say i work professionally full time as a magician.

    I use Indecent, granted i use it differently then probably most performers in my act. But i still use it.

    I think as performers, we have to forget about other magicians and Youtube and focus on just doing our thing. A spectator is not going to go on youtube to compare you to another performer or to figure out your trick. If the trick works, do it.

    Double lifts have been taught everywhere, butchered and probably the most exposed move... but im sure we ALL still use them.

    Perform to entertain laymen, not to impress magicians.
  11. I use it whenever my family has guests over or if I'm at someone's house. I don't use it anywhere else, because I usually don't have a ziploc bag on me.

    I love the effect though. I have man different variations on it.

    To the person who said that it doesn't work consistently for them, I don't know what to say. At a lecture I went to Wayne said that it's always been in the bag overtime he's done it.
  12. I do agree with you.

    However, when doing a double lift, even if the specs know about doubles, it is still hard for them to notice whether the magician is doing a double or a single.
    However with tricks, especially ones as distinctive as Indecent, they will immediately recognize it if they have seen how its done before.

    I'm interested in hearing more about your handling of Indecent. If you don't mind sharing, will you please PM me?
  13. I perform this effect a lot and nobody ever knows how 2 do it. I don't think laymen try to look up "Card Through Ziploc Bag" on youtube.
  14. It is actually quite possible. Of course they wouldn't search for that when they haven't even seen the trick before. It is however quite possible after they see the trick. They want to know the secret, they're curious. It's human nature.

    If you have TA, you'll actually see that one spectator says things like "I wanna google this".

    Just saying.
  15. I've done this trick a couple of times, the only thing is I don't usally carry around a ziplock bag.

    About laymen searching tricks on youtube....

    I've only had two cases when someone has tried to figure my tricks through the internet. They both did not find anything I showed them and they said the internet only teaches garbage tricks.
  16. Just dont use the names of tricks, plus most people dont care enough to go on you tube to see how a trick is done.

    but yeah i've done it a few times, the reaction is always really good.
  17. I do it sometimes at lunch, if I have a deck and someone has a Zip-lock....


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