Who was discovered on the Wire/Marketplace?

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  1. I was around when the Wire was first introduced, and I know a few of you were as well. It's interesting to see how far it has come. Can you guys think of any big names in magic that were "discovered" on the Wire? I think I can think of a few.

    Dalton Wayne - Dalton is a creative magician who published a bunch of crazy creative tricks on the Wire. His video editing and filming was always top notch. I could be wrong here but I believe he was scooped up by Penguin Magic/P3 Studios soon after his initial releases on the Wire. He's now one of the main camera/editing guys over at Penguin.

    Gerraint Clarke and Lloyd Barnes - I think that this duo's first releases came about on the Wire. Fate and a TNR called Restored were their first released effects and not they have created many pieces of Magic over at Ellusionist.

    Shin Lim - Is another guy who comes to mind. I think his first exposure to the magic community was through the Wire.

    Who else is well known now that used the Wire/Marketplace as part of their rise to fame?
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  2. Michael O'Brien ;) lol ok maybe I have not become mainstream enough to be considered "Discovered" but my first release was "Tour de Force" back in 2014.

    TdF "Wire" Trailer

    TdF Spotlight by J. Bayme on Exposé
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  3. My first release was also on the Wire, in 2011.
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