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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bugjack, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. I noticed the link for wholesaler inquiries and was wondering what your attitude towards brick and mortar stores carrying your products is going to be. Will stores all over be carrying these tricks soon, or will it be a while and be limited to a small number of vendors?
  2. It clearly States No english speaking stores can purchase at wholesale. So there will be no competition on the english front.
  3. A simple mistake, but it states there will be no english speaking ONLINE stores. This is an important point, as it means that your local brick and mortar shop is eligible to carry t11 items, just not online.

  4. Hmm.. My mom has a store and was thinking about setting up a thing where I can essentially sell Magic or anything, but it's partially online... dang.

  5. Thanks -- I noticed the distinction as well, before I asked the question.

    What I'm asking is how aggressive the brick and mortar strategy is going to be. For example, I'm in New York City and neither of the two brick and mortar stores here seems to carry any E stuff, although I know some dealers have them. Will Theory 11 be similarly exclusive, or are they going to try to get the effects out in a bigger way?
  6. Absolutely. We've already begun discussions of working with select brick-and-mortar shops around the world about carrying theory11 products. That way, when you want the latest release, you can just drive to the shop down the street. There is a screening process that wholesalers go through, as we want to make sure that each of these retailers is trustworthy and professional and experienced. We want to make sure that everyone that might pick up a theory11 product at a local retailer has a positive experience.

    These shops created the foundation for what theory11 is today, and it's extremely important to us not only to support them, but to work with them. It is the philosophy of our team to respect all of those that respect the art, and it's our goal to bring the industry (online and offline) together as much as possible. In the end, that helps us all, and it makes the magic community more allied than separated. If we work together and concentrate on quality, innovation, and positivity, the magic community will only strengthen, grow, and improve.
  7. you rock j man. Someone *cough you cough* needs to open some sort of magic store in hawaii, because we don't got one. :D
  8. That's great to hear. I shop both online and at the brick and mortars, and sometime's it's nice to go to a store and hang out knowing there's at least one thing there you really want to buy.
  9. Theory 11 should have mall franchises. :p

    I would like a Theory 11 store in my mall.
  10. Yes!! and you need a password to get in.
  11. But what shall the password be?

  12. Rocks in my socks.

    thats a good password. No one would guess that. But we should also have finger print ID and voice authentication.

    Oh! and you have to make it through the maze of death!

    some how I have a feeling that most people would just order from the website though.

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