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Who's better Luke Jermay or Paul Turner?

Mar 9, 2014
I'm a Long time follower of Luke Jermay. However, I've recently come across the works of Paul Turner which knocked my socks off! Anyone think one is better than the other?? Leave a comment.


Elite Member
Mar 28, 2013
you mean peter turner?

And you can't ask someone to compare two guys with 2 different approaches to magic. It's a question of taste and character. Don't consider them as comparable but instead admirable.
Jun 20, 2013
You can't compare. They are both amazing magicians and amazing thinkers about the subject, but as said Baguette, they don't have the same approach! :)
Dec 18, 2007
Northampton, MA - USA
Paul or Peter Turner?

Again, two different kinds of performers though some similar processing when it comes to how magic is to be worked and more specifically, how Mentalism is to be approached; I know Peter and Luke fairly well, both are amazing young men with brilliant minds and both will go down as Masters to the current era.
Sep 1, 2007
I love both of their work, however I will make a disclaimer:

For those interested in "mentalism", their work looks INCREDIBLE. For those currently working to be 'mentalists', most of their work is daunting.

It's not the type of material you can just pick up and do. You'll be fooling yourself more than your audience. I'm not entirely sure how to put this into words, but for those who have made the journey in either magic or mentalism understand when I say; you'll come across material that everyone likes but very few people understand.

In card magic, Helder's work can be like this. Their work is incredibly powerful because of its potential to reach past being a "trick". So just be careful when selecting material like this, it takes a ton of work. If you haven't been involved in the study of magic and mentalism, this may be way over your head. If it seems simple, you might want to double check your level of understanding.


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Jan 25, 2013
Formula I think you really missed the mark on this one. Pete Jermay is way more hard hitting.
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