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  1. Hey guys, I was at a Wayne Houchin lecture a few days ago (Awesome! If you ever get a chance to see him, do so! I learned more just by watching him perform than I have in any other lecture.) and he taught an amazing torn and restored card effect. Unfortunately, it was the only thing I didn't get write notes on, so I don't remember all the details. I remember a lot of it, but I just can't seem to remember a few essential parts.
    Anyway, I was wondering if there was any way of contacting Wayne Houchin and talking with him about it? I couldn't find an email address on his website unfortunately.
  2. Thanks man, much appreciated!
  3. OMG Do you remember the part he restored that one clearly torn off piece surrounded!!! *melts* That was the highlight, next to the tips onto how to be successful, of the lecture.
  4. this is my favorite plot, does anyone knows if it's available anywhere ?, i don't see it on wayne houchin's site yet
  5. You can only buy it from him personally. He's never (to my knowledge) made a big production for it, just something he burns from his computer for lectures. He calls it Counterfeit Hollingworth, I believe.

    Also, Scarecrow, his e-mail's plain as day at the bottom right of his site.
  6. I don't think other magicians have ever sold torn and restored card. J/K. Look it up online.
  7. if it's so good i hope i going to realise it, is it as good as guy hollingworth routine ?
    the reformation is my favorite piece by piece torn and restored card
  8. I know what ur going through. I was at a W:H lecture last month and it was awesome. I'm stuck in the same place as you too. His TnR trick was one of the most visual versions I've seen especially the last piece that gets "melted on". After hearing his explanation I was sure that I could learn it by memory so the dvd wsas one of the only things I didn't get. As far as what I remember it is an unpublished effect and can only be purchased at his lectures. If I'm not mistaken I don't think he planned to publish and sell this anywhere outside his lecture tour. I also think his needle swallowing was badass too. If u have a chance I highly recommend checking out one of W:H lectures to anyone in the area of one of his tour spots.
  9. Completely agree with that. Wayne is truly a creative genius.
  10. Yea he is. Even in person he is really cool and laid back, a pretty funny guy too.
  11. Totally agreed. His needle swallowing act was one of the most entertaining and meaningful acts I have ever seen. I honestly learned more than I ever have just by watching how he performed. Each effect had a story (that wasn't boring) and a meaning.

    I emailed him a week ago about the TnR, but he hasn't gotten back, so he probably just doesn't want it going out to people he doesn't know (in case it ends up on youtube or something). Oh well, maybe he'll come around were I live sometime again :(.
  12. Very true. Hopefully everything works out for you, I sent him an email too asking about any way to get that dvd, no response yet but its only been a few days. I know that would be a really good effect to have in anyones magic arsenal. Hopefully there is a way to find it
  13. Let me know if you find anything, hopefully Wayne will respond to your email. All we can do is hope.
  14. The idea that you could remember a piece-by-piece torn and restored by memory is silly. Ya'll should've bought the DVD while you were at the lecture.
  15. Yea I know it sounds weird but the best thing about that effect is its not really that hard. I actually still have most of it memorized just 1 or 2 moves that I can't remember.
  16. Good luck thinking he'll email you back. maybe he will and if so cheers to him. it's very rare you get these "celebrity" magicians to email or care about the "Little Folk"
  17. I went back in July. Amazing experience. He said that he does not plan to do a public release of this.... I have the dvd. It uses a really interesting concept at one point.
  18. Actually this won't be the first time I've had to send him an email and I've never had a problem getting a reply from, how you put it "celebrity" magicians. Plus even besides the responses he has sent me, wayne has even posted replies on some of the questions people ask in the forums. Justin Miller is really good at replying to emails/messages too. Just sharing my 2 cents . . .
  19. Just as a note - Wayne is still on his tour and may not have access to his email right now. If I recall he is scheduled to finish up the tour in November. I could be totally off base here but I wouldn't be terribly surprised if he simply cannot check or write a reasonable reply right now especially if he is out of the country. His last Stop is in the Dominican Repulic.

    Aslo, I hate you guys. I missed his lecture in my State and I have to wait for the next lecture tour who knows when. :)

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