Why are you still promising 72 hours?

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Josh Burch, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. There have been a whole bunch of threads on this and for good reason. Theory11 is distributing false information and it has been false since day one of the Wire.

    When an artist submits a trick to the Wire they are told. "Within 72 hours, you'll receive an automated email to notify when your creation is approved." This is not always true.

    I don't mind waiting longer and my hunch is that others don't mind either. It is misleading to say 3 days and not to get back to the artist for 15. So why does theory11 promise 72 hours? Why don't they just change a few words to say 72 hours to 2 weeks?

    If this doesn't work than why isn't there an automated email that is sent out at 72 hours that says something along the lines of "Your effect requires further research before publication"?

    People don't mind waiting longer. They do mind false information.
  2. Couldn't agree more.
  3. Hey goatears,

    Our panel is a very small select amount of people and most of the time the artists do get a response within 72 hours. There are some effects that require a lot of attention in terms of research/credit which doesn't always come easy or fast depending on the schedule. It is a team effort though and we do our best to pull together our knowledge to make the most informed decision in a timely manner. We would rather take extra time and give an accurate answer than be wrong - which we have been before, and inevitably will be again. With that said though, I will definitely make a personal note to myself and everyone on the team to get to effects as quickly as possible when they're overdue.

    If there's anyone that has submitted an effect that's gone over 72 hours, please don't hesitate to email me personally and I'll get it taken care of. (andrei@theory11.com) Thank you!
  4. I know it takes time, I don't mind. Why make it so hard on yourself? I've submitted six or seven videos and more often than not it takes more than 72 hours.

    Why not ere on the safe side. On one hand it would be a pleasant surprise to be told 2 weeks and have it take 72 hours. On the other hand Theory11 says 72 hours and there have been 5 whole forum threads just about artists submissions who have taken longer.

    It just looks like you're making it hard on yourself :)
  5. We love a challenge! Even if we don't always meet our goals. 5 forum threads may sound like a lot, but when compared to the several hundreds that we've successfully managed thus far, I'd say it's a pretty good record. Either way, we'll continue to do our best to push them through, thanks. If anyone needs an answer urgently, please email me personally and we'll do our utmost to get 'er done! :)
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    I've had my effect submitted for three weeks now. So much for your "goal" right? 72 hours might be a good goal but it has taken more time for almost all of my Wire submissions. Once again, it's not a bad thing, it's just not realistic. The request isn't for you to go faster but to be more realistic in telling your artists when things will be ready so that we can plan accordingly :)

    I hate to be a pest. I really love Theory11, I think you sell outstanding products and are one of the most innovative websites out there. One thing that can be improved is consistency, and reliability. You can either make sure to meet the goals already set or readjust.

    Thanks for hearing me out :)
  7. I just want to help out, to make things easier for those involved with the Wire. Both the artists and the Wire team :)
  8. I submitted a cut last week, how long does it usually take to respond? I know it says 72 hours but I believe it's been longer than that, and since most are, is there an average time?
  9. It took me at least 2 weeks to hear back from them every time I've submitted a trick. For the most part they have been fairly helpful though :)
  10. Sweet, I'll keep an eye out. Though 72 hours would have been nice, haha. Thank you sir.
  11. The guys work literally round the clock on DVD projects, product photography, editing, shooting, location scouting - they do it all. Including The Wire. So when delays happen to your effect - especially in the past week due to the insane traffic of Black Friday, instead of publicly complaining, email them. Chances are you'll get a much quicker response, and you'll get things resolved more efficiently. Also, you'll most likely establish a better relationship with The Wire team in a friendly email than a post on your thread about petitioning to change 2 words on the submission page.

    Just my two cents.
  12. Thanks for your post Zach. The truth is that it will probably take around 2 weeks for many of the submissions to go through the approval process. I've come to terms with this, I know that they are busy doing all sorts of things between shows, working with other companies, restaurants, magicians, commercials, artists and the list goes on.

    I realize that many of the things that I have said here could be seen as annoying and I really don't want to be seen as such. Around the time that I started this thread there were 2 recent threads started on how long it has taken to receive feedback on the Wire effects. I posted this thread as a simple solution to prevent future threads like this.

    I saw a problem and my solution was a small, simple, cosmetic solution. I don't understand why such a simple change can't be made but I now understand that as "helpful" as the original post was meant to be Theory11 will not budge on this issue.

    For now, I know that I just need to plan ahead and know that it will take a while before I hear back. I have had a positive experience with the Wire and I am always grateful that we have such a wonderful platform to share our magic.
  13. This is my first Wire experience, but I definitely understand the causes of the backup. I can see both sides: the mildly perturbed patience of the artist and the frantic rush on T11's side to get everything done. I think it's awesome that T11 takes the time to have the Wire and judge each submission. Today, everyone wants instant gratification. But still, 72 hours seems really fast. You guys don't have to make it that hard on yourselves. Either way, I'm pleased.
  14. I agree 100% :)
  15. typical t11 response, try actually reading the thread.
  16. For me it has been about 112 hours since I submitted a trick and still have gotten no reply. But it's okay.
  17. Mine has been months, I'm really hoping something went wrong with the uploading of the videos.
  18. They told me yesterday that they have been really busy with orders lately.

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