Why do They Always Want to See the FIRST Trick Again?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Smith, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. I posted this on the Ellusionist forums a while ago and got a lot of responses. Members here have been complaining about the lack of good threads, so I'll post the same thing here.

    This is something about spectators that has been bugging me for a while. I find it true with most spectators, not just the ones that are trying to screw you up.

    Literally a month ago, I performed an ACR. It's my favorite opener. It's a great trick, but it doesn't really create an emotional connection. The spectator has been bugging me ever since to do the AC again. It's not like I haven't performed other effects for him. I've done Stigmata, Indecent, and Factory Sealed. Also, numerous other card effectss. Yet he still wants to see the AC. I could levitate 30 feet in the air and all he would want to see is me make his signed card rise to the top of the deck!

    That's not the only thing. A couple of weeks ago I made a coin appear, dissapear and reappear. After that I did Bullet. Still, all the spectators wanted to see was me make the quarter appear.

    This happens to me all of the time. All the spectators want to see is the first trick.

    Does this happen to anyone else? Any advice?


    Note: I no longer use the ACR as my opener. I started after I got the suggestions from the E forums.
  2. You're right, I've noticed this too (though not always the FIRST trick, just a trick that, for some reason or another, really hit them hard). Unfortunately I've also found that they remember the effect being much more amazing than it actually is. So when they DO see it again (performing for others and they happen to be there) they always look disappointed.

    My advice: I don't really think it's a problem at all.
    Imagine trying to explain to them
    You: "Don't you understand!? Predicting a random ten digit number is more impressive than finding your card! Can't you see!?"
    I think so long as their impressed and talking about your magic then it's all good.
    There really is no problem. Just try not to show them the effect again, no matter how much they beg.
  3. Do your best trick (or whichever you think will have the best impact on them) last.
  4. I'll quote from the Klutz Book of magic on this one
    on page 7.
    Magians' Blood Oath.
    1. NEVER, Ever repeat a trick
    2. Never ever give it away.

    Its that simple.
    What i am actually thinking about doing is making some cards and make them official looking. (laminate or on plastic card (like a library card)) With the Magicians Oath on it.
    THis is the basic rule for magicians.
    Every good magician knows this.
    Even Every Crappy magician knows this.
    I just say. oh i cant, i took a blood oath, then show them some cool scar and be like see.
    then be like i can show u something else.
  5. usually when u do the first trick, it cathes them off guard. That has more of an impact on them then the following tricks to come.

    lets say i threw a $100 dollar bill at someone. they would be very happy and glad. But if i threw it at them again they wouldnt be as surprised.

    Dont ask about the example
  6. I have that book too!

  7. if you threw 200 bucks at me I wouldn't care one bit how surprised I am, I would be freaking happy and at the same time wondering why the crap you're throwing cash at people....

    But anyway, yeah I know what you mean, I have a group of friends and the second trick I ever showed them was some crappy trick I thought of on the fly, and now they keep bringing me their friends going "Show my friend that trick with the card!" it gets SO annoying......
  8. On a couple occasions I absent mindedly did a color change and wasn't aware that someone was watching. Afterwords, even after they've seen all sorts of magic that should be more impressive they're still talking about how I changed that card, asking to see it again.
  9. If your first trick is the only one that grabs attention, you have to wonder how good your other effects actually are. Maybe it's time to reorder effects, or maybe it's just time to practice the others more. That's a really general suggestion, really.

    I find that more often than not recently, I've been performing just one effect when requested to do so at any one time.
  10. Serial position effect. The first thing they see will be converted in to long term memory, which is why they will remember it best know exactly what they want to see again.

  11. Your right

    Yeah, they do make it seem better then it really is. the other day I did classic "here then there", and the spectator insisted that they had looked at the card after I handed it to them. I just went with it.
  12. Yes this is true, never show a trick again. Sometimes hitting them with a trick when they least expect it even proves to be better when you tell them that you do magic.
    Here's what I do:
    I walk up to a classmate
    Start talking with them
    Bring out my cards
    and hit them with an extreme effect when they least expect it.
    It proves to be more:eek: and hardhitting
  13. normally because thats what the first remember the best

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