Why does every kid on YouTube feel the need to "reveal"?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crimson Ace, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Can someone please tell me why every preteen kid with a webcam feels the need to reveal effects on YouTube? I was just on YouTube trying to pass the time by watching videos of my favorite artists performing their effects. And as usual I cant search anything magic related on YouTube without getting a thousand results with the word "Revealed" in it. I can't for the life of me understand the point of buying an effect only to expose the secret to the world. Some people seriously need to develop an understanding of how much goes into creating an effect and how much they are taking away from the artist. I seriously doubt that a few subscriptions and comments is worth more than the artist making a living off of his work. It amazes me that people don't seem to understand that they are in a sense hindering the growth of magic through revealing things on YouTube or any other site for that matter. It's cause and effect. If artists aren't making money for their work they will stop creating. It's like having a job and working for free. Who in their right mind would be okay with that? And of course every video has the "oh the effect costs too much...." and "Magic should be free to everyone" comments. Come on people. Really? If you can seriously agree with that then you are in my book not a magician. You're just some whiny kid with a deck of cards that your mom bought you from CVS who wants everything handed to him for free and without any of the hard work. Now I wish that I could know every effect in the world. But sadly I can't afford that. But that doesn't mean that i'm about to go out and steal the secrets of effects. I have more than enough respect for the people in my art to not do that. Instead i'll learn what I can little by little and master all that I have in my repertoire. And what of the spectators? Whats to stop someone from simply going online after watching an effect and finding out how its done after five minutes. Stuff like that just ruins the whole magical experience for everyone. Anyways if you've read this far than you can obviously tell that I am against piracy and revealing tricks. I wanted to hear from you guys though. What are your thoughts on the matter?
  2. Unfortunately, it's a psychological thing many people pass through when growing up and (even sadder) some never grow out of. It's to feel popular. You can feel cool when you know "something secret", and you feel popular when you get a lot of subscriptions on youtube. Sadly that's how popularity is often measured nowadays. That and the amount of friends you have on Facebook.

    And yes, it can affect the person revealing tricks but it's just like with the climate - people can rarely grasp a problem when it doesn't affect them directly.
  3. I think it is even worse that a most of the revealed videos include them failing miserably at the effect. Did they even try to practice, or just give up and take out their revenge on the artist for making the trick so difficult?
  4. Because they feel the need of a moment of attention from random people browsing the web. Maybe, sometimes, one visitor should choose to flame the specific video, then the revealer in question would strike back with poorly spelled comments. In reality, no one would remember them personally, or even thank them for their pathetic, low quality clip, so they achieve nothing.

    I have given some thinking-time to this subject and I found that it would be best to ignore such appearances on the Internet. Just for preserving our mental health.

    Have a great day, all of you! :)
  5. Strongly agree!! My guess is all these kids, and sadly some adults care more about being the "popular" guy with all these views and subs more than they care about being a true artist. I doubt any of them really care about the creators or even truly understand what it is they are doing to the art or even the money they are stealing from the creators.

    I'm just thinking out loud but it would be A LOT better if youtube actual reviewed all the videos that get submitted and not allow any "revealed" videos to be posted
  6. I'm going to agree with some of the comments on here. Many of these young kids / teens do not receive attention at home from their parents or from their peers at school. I'm going to venture to say that many of them keep to themselves and this is their way to stay in their "safe haven" at home behind the camera and perform / reveal.

    They are getting the attention they are seeking and feel that they are important by being "in the know".

    I am disturbed by the fact that many of these kids have their parents buy the effects and then they just turn around and reveal it to feel important. I'm guessing that if they had to utilize their own money or allowance....perhaps they would feel differently.
  7. It's probably true that most of the kids who reveal effects on youtube need more attention or just want to attempt to put themselves in the spotlight. When I search to watch a magic video on youtube it disturbs me that the videos that have the words revealed or exposed in the title that the ones that just show a good performance of an effect.
  8. Well that is the price we pay in this day and age where the internet provides an anonymous outlet for attention starved kids. Whereas we get our attention from real people face to face. But also realize that not everyone in the world goes on youtube to find out how magic tricks are done. I feel that while exposure is a problem it's one that is blown out of proportion by magicians. There are a lot more performing magicians than ones exposing (who most likely will grow out of it).
  9. This really annoys me, especially when one of the most popular people on youtube for magic has 244 videos of revealing tricks! I'm pretty sure we all know who he is: mismag

    He's not even "some kid with a webcam". He's a grown man with a kid and he reveals tricks on youtube! That's pretty sad.
  10. Now, I am NOT defending him, but he is not as bad as others because as far as I know he doesn't reveal copyrighted tricks. He reveals simple math tricks or tricks by other youtubers that he has permission from. Once again I am not defending him, but just pointing out that he isn't as bad as others. I still think it's wrong, though.
  11. Whats more ridiculous is that you can sometimes find 10 videos of the same trick, all revealed. Apparently some of these people don't search beforehand to see if a trick is already posted, and if they do, they post the trick nonetheless.
  12. i have a youtube dedicated to doing nonsense videos about magic. this is to fill up the youtube search engine with words relevant to what kids looking for video tutorials want, but filled with nonsence.

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