Why is it so popular?

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  1. Why is daddy tie so popular? Almost seven dollars for a trick I figured out on the third try. Is there something else I'm missing out on when I don't buy it? Don't get me wrong, it's a great effect when done properly, but I don't see what's so special about it.
  2. In order to perform it you should purchase it, this gives you the performance rights. Even if you figure it out the ethical thing to do is to purchase it.

    Believe it or not the Wire artists don't make a fortune. I have a few different downloads available, some of them have been very popular and I have yet to pass $1000. Heck it took me months to get to $50
  3. I haven't acquired it yet (going to in December).

    I have a couple theories:

    It's organic magic. There's a lot of magic on the Wire, but few of them deal with things that are beyond cards and coins. And I haven't seen a lot of 'tie magic' in general. It's like a ring, in which if you know something that can utilize a ring, BAM! Instant routine. I'd say it's a sound investment

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