Why is the international shipping on here so expensive?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hatss, Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. Well, I wanted to buy a deck for 10$.
    Shipping ended up being 17$" I'm Swedish btw "

    Is it really that expensive for you guys too?
  2. I feel you. Shipping is about $30 for me. Nothing really you can do about it. If possible try to ask friends if they need something from t11 aswell and then you order together and split the shipping costs.
  3. That sucks :/
    Found out that some card packs were cheaper here than on some other site I use " but they have very cheap shipping "
    " Like 3$ shipping for one deck and 4.5$ for 5 decks o.o "

    I wonder why they couldn't have it like that here?
  4. Hey Hatss,

    Good question! We charge what it costs us to package and ship your order. International shipping costs ARE expensive. If a company is offering really cheap international shipping, they are building part of the shipping cost into the prices of their decks. A $3 international shipping rate does not exist to my knowledge. I would love to see it if it does! We don't build shipping cost into the cost of our decks. We prefer to be very clear about things. We charge a reasonable price for our decks, and then we charge what it costs us to ship your items.

    One thing you will find is that shipping becomes more affordable when you add more items to your order. One deck is always really expensive to ship. A brick (12 pack) will cost less per deck to ship.

    We actually just added a MUCH cheaper shipping option for our international customers. DHL Express International takes 2-4 business days (!) to arrive once shipped, and is often by far the cheapest ship option for larger orders. Cheap and fast! Try it out on your next order.

    // L
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  5. How about http://www.royalmail.com/personal/sending-mail?
    " Of course it's a bit slower but? "
  6. We ship from the USA. Royal Mail is for packages shipped from the UK. Plus, the cheapest international package shipping option there is equivalent to $12 USD. We can only quote services available in the USA (right now we use USPS, UPS, and DHL).

    // L
  7. Wasn't aware of this, I'll check it out. Thanks a lot for the info Lyle!
  8. Lyle,
    I live in Los Angeles. I want to buy 2 packs right now and the shipping price is $22.11. Why can't you put the packs in a simple small box or a bubble pack and ship via USPS???? I sell things on Ebay and recently sent a 5 lb box to New Jersey for $23. What gives????
  9. You should see USPS options for far less than $23 if you only have 2 decks in your cart. I show 2 decks shipping to my US address for less than $4.

    Closing this thread, since it has previously been inactive since 2016. No thread bumping, please! If you have additional questions about our store, please reach out to our support team at theory11.com/support.

    // L
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