Why Magic?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zdogmagic, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. hey everyone.

    i was just wondering, why does everyone like magic?

    i love it i was just wondering other peoples' take on this question.

  2. i like to entertain people and have lots of fun with my friends who do magic and cartistry also, but im more into cardistry and flourishing.
  3. I like having something to do with my hands other than m-...

    I'll leave that unsaid.

  4. I love it when you're on the train, playing with a few colour changes and flourishes and someone watches you with their jaw dropped.

    I also love spending other peoples money on things I would like to get but don't want to buy myself. (joke)

    the best thing for me, is when you meet someone who never smiles. There is a girl at the restaurant I am working at that literally never smiles. Today when I performed for her was the first time I've seen her smile.It made me feel good that I could do that, and I think I cheered up her day too!

  5. simple. i do magic to pick up chicks.
  6. lucky!!! you actually have friends that do magic! i have no actual friends who do the slightest magic at all!
  7. Yeah I have no magical friends..... It sucks...

    I do magic because no one else does and it makes me stand out from the crowd.
  8. So I can this is where the magic happens when ever I enter a room.
  9. yeah me neither.
  10. Because it's fun. Because I like doing it.
  11. Why Magic

    Why Magic?

    My answer is like an ordinary answer to a question of Why you love music? or Why you love your wife? It is simply because you like it. If you want to learn magic, you have to earned it. And if you have the power to do magic, you can now do magic to entertain people who are willing to receive the art of magic or to entertain them by means of magic.

    Well everyday is a Miracle Day Magic.... because God created us with different points of view in life and we are ready to share it what ever it is.....!

    Manila, Philippines
  12. Like Simon_magic said, I like to play around with cards while sitting on the train, feeling people staring at me, not understanding anything^^

    I do magic because I like to entertain, and it fits in everywhere.
    I was sitting in a pizzaplace waiting for my pizza, practicing bottomdealing, and these three boys come up to me and ask if I play poker.
    I said no I dont, I cheat.
    Then I showed them how I bottom deal, dealt five hands, giving myself four kings.
    What they didn't realize whas that I stacked the aces in the deal, so when they paid close attention the next time, they was very, very impressed^^
    ("A poker puzzle" from RRTCM, but you all knew.)

    Simple stuff, but the effect it has on people is incredible.
    When I think about what it must have appeared like to them, I feel good^^
    Really good.

    That's why I do magic.
    That good feeling you get when others get a weird feeling^^
  13. Because this **** is so much easier to torrent than baseball cards...
  14. lmao

    that was priceless
  15. Hahaha...

    Anyways, I do magic because I have no money, I'm not good looking, I'm not fun, I have NO clue how to seduce a girl, I'm no good in sports so I don't have friends either. And magic helps me to be in the center of attention.... while I'm alone at home, practicing.

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