Why so few IBM members as of the past few years?

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  1. Recently at the National Magic Convention in Texas there was a meeting with only representation of 6 IBM rings and the president.

    One of the major questions / issues that was brought up was that IBM ring membership is very low....especially among teens and younger magicians.

    Why is this case? Is it too expensive? Does the IBM not advertise enough? Are there not enough benefits other than the Linking Ring magazine? Are many of the local magic clubs allowing membership into their club without the person enrolling in IBM?

    I would just like to hear other people's thoughts.
  2. I believe there is really no encouragement from older magicians to join either SAM or IBM. I joined both clubs out of a need to interact with and meet other magicians.

    I also think the cost of joining is rather steep for a young magician...especially when there are forums like these and places like The Magic Session where it is totally free.
  3. For me, the problem is the lack of iBM rings in my area. They simply dont exist. The price is too steep to just get a magazine. I have only ever seen a couple other magicians in the area, so starting one is mostly out of the question.

    Tis life.

  4. I was searching for an IBM Ring in my area but found out that it closed down a couple of years ago. There are hardly any magicians in my area, and because of that it's hard to interact in person with other magicians.

    That's why I like coming to the forums and helping others, and going to The Magic Session to talk with a lot of friends I've made over there. Every Tuesday at 8:00pm EST they have a Jam Session on a certain topic. You can come up on cam and share your ideas and you get feedback from working magicians and professionals (Mark Calabrese, Robert Moreland, Luke Dancy, Josh Norris) just to name a few. It's like your internet IBM Ring pretty much where membership is free. It's always a fun time when there is a lot of people in there.
  5. Money is sometimes an issue for me. However, time is my biggest issue. I'm a junior in college and a music education major. I have almost no free time. I've been wanting to join for a little over a year now. It will probably have to wait until I am out of school. Also, more specifically, I live in Mississippi and there is only one IBM ring that I know of. It is over two hours away. That also adds to the time constraints that I have.
  6. Great responses thus far gentlemen. I like hearing other's thoughts.
  7. I was very interested in becoming a member until I found out my local IBM ring closed a few yrs ago too. I only know 1 member in my area and even he doesn't know any other members. Kind of how Lyle put it, in that case were just paying for a magazine subscription. Don't get me wrong, I would still like to become a member it just doesn't benefit me much without a local ring and only one other IBM member.
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    I'm a member, and while I enjoy it for the most part, there are a few things I don't like as far as attracting new members. First off the website is old and too cluttered, especially compared to websites like Theory 11 or The Magic Session. Also, even though I have been a member for a full year at my ring, literally like only two guys actually enthusiastically welcomed me...and then basically no one else has taken any effort to get to know me. The costs are probably also one factor causing other young guys (or girls) to join the I.B.M. More later...
  9. I personally would join btu A) I don't have the money, B) I have no magic shop in my area(The closest is an hourb and a half away) and as you mentioned you only get the magazine and witht he low money I have, I don't think that's really worth it. Maybe when my carrer takes off/ I submitt some of my creations I'll hoin but right now it's way out of my budget and that's why I think the membership is so low.
  10. Lack of transportation is probably a big reason there aren't many younger magicians. Not very many parents want to spend an hour driving to a "magic meeting" and wait around for two hours to only drive home again afterwards. It's a problem that doesn't have a practical solution.
  11. The reason I haven't joined is that magicians in my area are sharks. The economy has turned the magicians against eachother. If I find something or create something, I have a handful of 5 people I'm willing to share it with. I'm one of 3 regular performers in the area, and the only mentalist. Most attempt to perform mental magic, some have tried coming to my show and harpooning my effects. It's pretty strange down in my area, plus it costs me nothing to hang out with the good guys in the area
  12. Continuing my last post...

    There is hardly any amount of friendly sessioning or discussing the latest products or magic news at my ring. I don't think the I.B.M. really understands what the young magicians like. One of the reasons I joined the local magic club ring was so that I could have friends to play around with new moves or effects that that I was excited with; I wanted a creative group to bounce ideas off of. That never happened.

    The I.B.M. needs to start holding online lectures or have an online community (NOT a 1990's, clunky discussion board), or perhaps just start integrating their organization into sites like Theory 11, Penguin, The Magic Session, etc. Honestly I've had WAY more useful sessioning online than actually at my magic meetings. And looking at price points, most kids my age (including me) are going to look at the price points for either joining the I.B.M. (About $35 for national dues + $30 for local=$65) or just sessioning online (FREE), and they are going to choose the free and, oftentimes, better option!

    Basically the main reason I still belong to the I.B.M. is to support them since I know they are struggling, and also because I like being able to go to live lectures.

    So, if anybody from the I.B.M. is reading this, I think what the organization as a whole needs to do is get young people on the staff who know what young people like. The organization needs to realize that we're not a bunch beginner kids who go around on youtube all day exposing magic, flinging cards around, or never reading any books; we're the future of magic, the deciding factor of what happens to our art, and if you can't engage us, the future of the I.B.M. won't be too bright, unfortunately.
  13. Outstanding info guys. This is very valuable information. I'm 33 and believe it or not completely agree with all of you. Does anybody mind if I share your thoughts at my next club meeting? I of course will not put any names with comments. I actually am not an IBM member, just a local magic club member who has merged with an IBM ring to keep the numbers up.
  14. Sure, I would actually love it if you shared the info we've given, because I would really be excited if the IBM started making changes toward getting a younger crowd interested.
  15. I was introduced to an IBM ring by a magician, but the meetings are held in this old marionette theater, in a really shady part of town, so my parents are afraid that we'll get our car stolen or something, so I can't go. That's my story ;D

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