Why was my post about TWITCH removed?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grand Jackal, Mar 19, 2011.

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  1. I wouldn't start a new thread about this, but I don't know who to private message about this... Anyway:

    Earlier today, I posted a thread questioning the originality of TWITCH, and how a friend of mine had the same idea 1 year earlier.

    TO WHOEVER DELETED IT: Why did this thread get deleted?

    I didn't think it was harmful in anyway, and I was just asking an honest question.

    Please PM me as to why my thread was deleted...

    Thank you.

  2. Because you flipped a **** and you assumed it was Lukas'. It's not.

    And you tried to start a controversy on the forums.
  3. So whose change is it then?
  4. Ed Marlo.

    (word count)
  5. Where is it published?

    Which work of marlo is it in? I have all of his stuff, and haven't stumbled across it yet...
  6. You were posting a link to a tutorial revealing a method that isnt yours. We dont support revealing tricks on this website.
  7. Perhaps if you spent more time reading it and less time arguing about $5-$10 downloads, you'd have found it.
  8. Yeah, I probably would have found it, you're right.

    But you told me it was published by Marlo, so you obviously know where it was published, don't you? Could you tell me where? I give up.
  9. If memory serves, in Card Switches or one of the Marlo Magazines. I could be wrong, but no harm in looking in them... After all, you own all the Marlo stuff, right?
  10. It's certainly not in any of his magazines. I've read all of them thoroughly and have never come across it. And I just looked in Card Switches - it's not in there either.

    Marlo did create a lot of stuff, and I love his work, but please, don't credit someone who doesn't deserve the credit. Marlo himself wouldn't want that happening.
  11. It is Marlo's.

    Oh, by the way, anybody who owns all the Marlo stuff is either a f**king liar (more likely you) or is serious enough about magic to not care about this small issue (not very likely for you). My opinion? You don't own all the Marlo stuff, or you need to grow up.
  12. If anyone has a problem with Twitch, feel free to PM me!
  13. I don't appreciate being called a f**king liar, but whatever, I'm the "immature one" according to you.

    It's not really a small issue to me - the trick/1on1 being sold does not matter - it's a matter of morals in magic, that are not well upheld anymore, and I was just trying to prove a point.

    Yes, I will admit, I was exaggerating when I said I own all of marlo's stuff, but I do own all of his magazines, RCT, and card switches, and the move isn't in any of them.

    If you're saying it's his, please give me proof. A page number and book would help.
  14. @Grand Jackal please PM me so I can fully understand your issue and hopefully resolve this.
  15. PMed you good sir. ^
  16. Why do people have to argue on this forum . . . *sighs* magicians can have such huge egos.
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    edited post until proper reflection on conversation can be given on a device not as restricting as my cell phone.
  18. I feel like the growing up should take place on your side, sir.
    using asterisks to censor a swear word doesnt make your post seem any more mature and nessecary.
    And giving little indication of where a move exists and then getting mad at people for doubting your word, is just bad form...
  19. Not sure if troll...

    Anyways. There are a lot of immature people in this thread, not just the one.
    @Jackal If you're going to post on a forum, it would probably be best to figure out how the forum works. I don't know about t11, but in most forums I am a part of, any moderation issues should be handled in private via PM. If you won't take the time to figure out how it works, or you just wanted to start a controversy (which i more likely suspect), you don't deserve to post on this or any forum.

    Also, I want to say that Eric Simmatis (Vorezo), while only 17 years old, has demonstrated EXTREME maturity throughout BOTH of your threads, Jackal. It's getting to the point where you are being outright disrespectful, which i suspect is your goal in the first place.

    Good day,
    Collin Stover
  20. After review Let me address Jackal & Saborfang17. I'm not impressed with Sabor's usage of the F word, nor am I to Jackal's reply quote. Frankly gentlemen we can converse and behave better than that without the need to resort to such infantile vocabulary. We're professionals, either in practice or aspiration on this forum, so I expect better from both of you.

    I give Eric a lot of props for his creation, publication, and behavior throughout this thread. I expect that we'll see more of him in the future. To which end I'm excited to see what comes of his creativity.
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