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  1. Here lately, I have been sort of bringing some mentalism in with the magic routines that I do. I don't do a whole lot of it but a few I have been super crazy over here lately are the name/card routine with psypher, along with a drawing effect I do with psypher as well as the invisible deck, and a few effects from This is Mentalism. So, as you can see, not much. I have owned 13 Steps to Mentalism for about 2 years, and haven't really taken much from it. It is hard for me to read through the text book style writing. I will say, though, I used the name/card routine on stage last week and it was KILLER.

    I just now finished watching Derrin Brown's Enigma...wow...if you haven't seen it, watch it now! I was truly baffled and couldn't take my eyes off the computer screen.

    Another thing I have really liked doing here lately (which, I'm not sure if you would classify it as mentalism) would be animations...Haunted pack, floating ring, spinning straw.

    So basically, mentalism is really starting to captivate me...HOWEVER...

    I can't just stop magic to do mentalism...it's not me...I love magic. The visual aspect, the sheer impossibility, I just love it. Before I ask my question, let me tell you a bit more about me...

    Like I said above, I do magic, and lately have added a bit of mentalism. I love the edgy, street style BUT I'm not some goth in all black when I go performing. When I go do magic for people, I usually wear some jeans, nice-ish shoes, a t-shirt, a suit jacket (or wind breaker), and a hat or beanie. I love making people laugh, but I can be serious and like to add in some mystery and suspense. Also, I'm 18 years old.

    So, my question to you is, would it be difficult to add more mentalism to my routines while still having some magic in there? Would it be practical?

    Also, I'm 18...I've heard of people saying that guys as young as I am should NOT be doing mentalism. Can I ask why, just out of curiosity?

    Lastly, is there anything you guys would suggest I look at or read or pick up to expand my mentalism? I'm really interested in metal bending also.

    I'm sorry if my post was hard to follow. Right now, I am really trying to figure out who I am as a performer...what exactly I do, and what I do best!

    Thanks for all the help,
  2. I dont know where to begin so I will say that you are foolish for not looking deeper into 13 steps. I know the explanations seem very dull however all you have to do is open up any page and start performing anything from there. I know as a fairly young performer that you think magic gets bet reactions due to the impossibility of it. I would wager one effect (just a simple CT) that you can get far better reactions than any magic in your arsenal. Even though the effect may seem dull with the right build up it will make something that has been thrown away into real miracle.

    I recommend you practice reading people and use an effect like three little questions. Do nothing but that for a day and you will see what mentalism is truly about. If you sell the above effect properly the idea of a trick has been removed from the spectators mind. Luis Vega a member here after discussing with me effects and character will do like half a show as nothing more than a graphology demonstration. He will be a testament to the power of doing one thing very well. Not to mention this is real both to the spectators and to him.

    The real thing you need to understand is character development, Derren does not ben metal the reason is because it goes against his character. As far as animations go the general rule with mentalism is less is more. Haunted pack is ok a floating ring is not. And with metal bending you really should learn from the best and go straight to Banachek's DVD.

    A lot of mentalists do magic as well as mentalism Dunninger, Kreskin, Osterlind all at one time or another opened a show with production of water. Hell Dunninger's show was half magic then half thought reading. The real secret to doing both is give them both space.
  3. Completely agree. 13 Steps is really all you need, and Three Little Questions is a great mentalism effect. It was good enough for Luke Jermay...hopefully some of you will know what I mean. Some people believe magic and mentalism can't be mixed, but why not start off with magic and then ease into mentalism. Most people aren't that stupid, they are aware that with magic they are watching sleight of hand, they just keep missing it (hopefully). Its entertaining. With mentalism, people are genuinely baffled or freaked out by it, so build it. Any good routine should build to a decent climax. If you want to be funny, be funny at the start, then as the effects get weirder, become more serious.
    As for the idea that you may be too young to do mentalism, I'd like to know where this mentalism rule book is. I've never read it. Who says you're too young? Too young is Justin Bieber singing about love. That's too young.
    I think, with 13 Steps, you don't need anything more to expand your mentalism. You could spend the rest of your life working through that book and adapting its ideas and principles into some killer routines. Any mental effect you've seen Derren Brown do either comes from that book, or the book provides a way to recreate the effect.
  4. I never said I feel like magic gets a stronger reaction than mentalism! I just love magic! Believe me...I can get better reactions doing something with psypher than ANY magic in my arsenal! :)

    Here lately, I have really been trying to develop my character! It is really hard to find something that I want to stick with because I LOVE all types of magic (except for kids stuff lol)

    Good to know other guys are mixing magic with mentalism! (add Rich Ferguson to that mix)
  5. The answer to your question really depends on the character you intend to present on stage.

    The Mentalist and the Magician are two archetypes that in function aren't really all that different from each other. They both depend on trickery, secret knowledge, and sometimes other devices to achieve their wonderments. The difference in the two comes in the form of presentation.

    The Magician, now days, traditionally presents himself to be a trickster. Everything you see him do, although amazing, is only at best an illusion. When the show is over, and the curtain drops, the magician removes the persona and returns to being who they normally are, until called to perform again.

    The Mentalist doesn't have an off switch. They present their show as a display of natural abilities that they possess even if these abilities extend into the realm of the supernatural. They toy with telekenises, they tamper with telepathy, and they pacify with predictions, all the while they never at all suggest that it's trickery. For them, it's a natural god given gift. ...or curse. When the show is over, they don't stop being a mentalist either. They remain in character all the time. Example: Uri Geller.

    So if you are presenting your show to be 90% illusions, it would be theatrically out of place to introduce a portion that was "real" unless you scripted it to make sense, or segway in a way that gave it reason for being there. It's all depending on your presentation.

    As for your age, the only thing I can think of is your relative inexperience. Mentalists are usually educated, world traveled, cultured, etc. It's hard to buy a "In my many years of travel I've learned slowly that I can read minds" line from someone who barely looks like they went to college. My suggestion is to not rely on stock patter. Develop your own, that suits a more believable character.
  6. When you do something with psyher do your audience ask how did you do that? Or is the question different?

    Trust me it is important.
  7. When I performed it on stage, and I said the name he was thinking of, He says "Oh my god!!" and kinda jumped around. He got on the mic and said "the name WAS Bill, that's my father!!!"

    When I talked to him afterwards, he said something like "Wow man, you are good! I mean there is no way... how you knew I was thinking of my fathers name...I have no idea that was amazing man!!!"

    The guy I did it for was Termite Watson, a former pro boxer. While we were talking, I showed him my business card and he immediately asked if he could have one! I gave it to him and he gave me his card and told me to give him a call one day when I am successful! He had given a very inspirational speech on being successful and pushing to reach your goals!

    I thought the reaction was really awesome and I loved it! What do you think of it, D ICE R?
  8. I'm also just starting with mentalism, but I have decided that I will take it in full, without magic. I got ESP decks, Blindfold (gimmicked and regular), nail and boon writers, etc... I also have Psypher, but I'm still deciding where to put it (that's what she said). I'm thinking it's going to go one for cards, and one for business cards. I also want to have it on my pad, but there is not enough "stuff" to do that. I have some great presentational ideas for Psypher, ESP decks, Invisible deck, Colorblind (which you should look into). Imagine doing Colorblind in 3 stages, first one with touching the faces of cards, second one without touching the faces, and third with blindfold on and without touching the faces, and also correctly guessing the last card.
    So you should get Colorblind and also Trilogy Streamline 2.0 or Cataclysm. They are both pretty easy to do (no sleights at all), and have amazing impact on the spectators.
    Also imagine being able to guess correctly every single ESP simbol, with blindfold on. I don't know why, but I fell in love with blindfolds, and I think that they can enhance the effect greatly. The best source for blindfolds is in 13 steps (as recommended by D ICE R to me). Seriously, give 13 steps another chance, you will not be dissapointed. It is actually pretty easy to read (and English is not my first language), so if I can do it, so can you ;)
  9. i didnt read the other posts so i might be repeating. but yea get 13 steps (i saw that) but also take your time.
    now i do metal bending (which i feel can lie on the line) but it all depends on how you present it. you havta make it look like something you were born with. so try that out.
  10. Thanks guys for all the help! I am looking back through 13 Steps! I am learning that Three Little Questions effect to possibly start doing!
  11. Thank you !! I appreciate that!!
  12. Anytime mate, how are things going on your side of the world anyway.
  13. Great thanks for asking...I am now writing my new show...Reality oF Mine...I want to include a half show of mentalism...I´ll pass you the tracklist once it´s done...also the main concept of the show...
  14. love to offer my two cents. You are a creative guy

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