will dan and dave have theory11 only stuff?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by dasuprememep, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. I've noticed the only thing that dan and dave have on here is the trilogy, which can be bought in any respectable magic shop. Do you think that they might have some new stuff coming out?
  2. maybe the buck bros. will endorse their other products like the system and their books like nursery rhymes..
  3. Well didn't it say in the description that there'll be bonus footage on it? Correct me if Im wrong but if my memory serves me correct that's what it said.

  4. in one of the preview vids they said untill now no one has seen our magic...then i think they said but thats about to change.....so hopefully they come out with some great tricks
  5. I am telling you , they will .. =)
  6. I think Dan and Dave are still running there own company along side theory 11 so probably whatever they sell here they will sell on there own site.
  7. The Trilogy description says it comes with bonus footage, but doesn't indicate that it will be bonus content of any kind, just more performance based stuff from what I understood. With Ellusionist and Dan and Dave no longer together, I'm sure Dan and Dave will take advantage of Theory 11 to sell their work. More money for them means they can dedicate more time to producing high quality work for us to enjoy.
  8. Now you can buy single dvd's, instead of all three.
  9. Aww, darn. I would've spent less on just the DVDs I wanted ;) But anyways, they still have their site dananddave.com so yeah, just my two cents.

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  10. I'm glad I got all three, even though I don't really perform magic and got it for the Flourishes, the Trilogy as a set is amazing and definatly worth it.
  11. They did state that they will be making their own deck of cards.
  12. If they are, that is sooo sick.
  13. Maybe they designed the Guardian decks?

  14. I want to see cards with Dan on the black cards and Dave on the red cards so that only Dan and Dave fans will know the difference and then you'll can use it like a 1 way back design :)
  15. are they gunna release tht cool as change they showed in their T11 video
  16. I think you're talking about The Jones Change, they teach it on The Trilogy.
  17. You can also download it now rather than hard copies

    I'm also glad i got all 3, and i personally think they may add the colour change from the Buck's additional footage
  18. I hope they release the footage into the D&D vault, I don't want to miss out because I bought it early :(
  19. Yea me too but ah well, I'm not regretting buying it :)

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