Will David Blaine with have another special?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kangsham, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Wondering if anyone had a clue if david will have another tv special.
  2. Probably.

    word count
  3. yes he mentioned that he will in 2012.
    he talks about it briefly in this video
  4. If he does it will have both positive and negative effects. Hopefully the pros outweigh the cons.

    I would think that we would then see an influx of young kids taking an interest in magic as it did right after his first TV show aired. It also has a positive impact on the sales of the effects that he chooses to include in the episode.

    The sales of bite out coins went through the roof last time.

    One con would be we are going to see more and more Blaine wannabe's and bad Youtube performances...ha ha.

    Would I watch it? Most definitely.
  5. I hope he does some more effects that aren't on the market or are unknown. I know he's a big fan of Mnemonica so he could easily do a ton of things from that book and have a bunch newbie kids thinking it's some underground amazing effect.
  6. He's been pretty open and firm about his next special airing in May of 2012. He said the special will just be magic--in his words, "No stunts, no talking, no interruptions, no BS. All Magic." He's also said it will be something different than he's ever done. There will apparently be some kind of live stunt or something airing to promote the special, but the live stunt will not be part of the special itself, Blaine said. He said the new special and the magic in it will be the best work he's ever done.
  7. Oh man, he's pulling out the linking rings! I'm stoked!

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