Will Ellusionist make a 100 grand?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JDENredden, May 2, 2008.

  1. Hello I was just wondering if you rekon Ellusionist will make a 100,000 dollars(prize of Celebracadabra) and then a profit from people buying magic products after watching Celecbracadabra? Personally I dont think they will.

  2. Uh, who cares?
  3. To JDEN,

    I love how your signature makes you seem like another of those youngsters that think they've created a 'NEW, COOL, STRONG EFFECT'....

    And to answer your question, I side with Jakeh...

    "Who really cares?"
  4. The OP as well as anyone else who's interested in the discussion.

    Yet for some reason, people find the need to come in and let everyone know just how much they don't care. Going to great lengths to display apathy sort of kills the concept.
  5. There's a place for discussions about Celebrablahblah, and that's either in the thread we have here or over at E.

    Anyway, discussions about money are pretty much pointless.
  6. Uh, who cares?
  7. What a pointless topic. What was the point of asking that? Why Bother.
  8. Celecadabra is one of the most idiotic TV shows I've ever seen. I hope it fails miserably.
  9. i think the show is good and of course they will profit. Why wouldn't they? One person who was watching Celbracadabra has gotten into magic and has been IMing me for a little while now because he saw my AIM screen name in my sig. So yes.... E will profit off this. To say they wouldn't would be pretty dumb. Also, as some posters said above me... Who cares?

  10. why criticise that much? it s kinda about the economy of magic, how much customers there are, how much people buy magic items, decks etc.. how much one spends a year? these are not idiotic questions, i also wonder these..
  11. too much publicity to our art will kill it altogether...
  12. Hahahahaha.

    Quite the opposite actually.

    The worlds greatest magic has been shown on tv throughout the years, and no one had a problem with it. But, as soon as it turns into something E may have to deal with, it is going to kill magic forever.


    I found the show entertaining. Not the best magic, but I love to see Rocco on there doing his thing.

    Magic has been publicized since it was "created"... It is still "alive" today.

  13. Well perhaps the OP should have asked those questions then.
  14. Well, it'll kill you anyway.

    Still, this topic baffles me. Why are we discussing the profit margins of a dealership that we don't own or personally compete with?
  15. I don't think anyone's discussing it.. most are as confused as you. :p
  16. Because E are our rivals and we must speculate on their every move. Why are they our rivals? Because they aren't part of us, also something to do with Wayne leaving or something.

    Steerpike has a point guys, why are we bothered? If that's the way Ellusionist runs, let them to it. It's not bothering us. Online-Magic-Marketing isn't a competition of who's the better company, it's a facility for us aspiring magicians to make use of as we see fit. That's the way I see it anyway.

    I don't think I've ever actually seen the two companies bicker, squabble or slander the other so why should we? Aside from the fact that we think by supporting one or the other we'll seem more loyal and as such we'll get some special treatment.

    :rolleyes: C'mon guys, use your head.

    - Sean
  17. BINGO! Give this man a prize! Being a loyal customer is one thing. Being an overzealous wack job putting together conspiracy theories all day long is another thing entirely. It's ok to be a fan....no need to be a fanatic.

    As to the original question I could care less what Ellusionist's profit margins are any more than I could care what T11's profit margins are here. Neither company is a publicly held company and as such no one has a vested interested qualifying them to know any of this information. Not really sure how this discussion even got past the first 3 posts considering this has next to nothing to do with magic discussion and is entirely speculative about another company's financial affairs. Why not discuss it on the E forums if you are so interested? Better yet why not keep the E discussions related to the E forums altogether?

  18. It's an interesting question for a couple of reasons:

    This is the first time a magic company has sponsored a TV show. If this ends up being a money maker, it may lead to greater involvement of magic companies possibly leading to more magic shows on TV.

    Second, money generated by magic on TV is an important topic. While I would be more interested in how many magicians got calls for shows from this series, whether or not E recoups it's investment will be an interesting indicator as to the kind of behaviors a show like this produces - are people more or less likely to seek out magic or magic related activities.

    The prize money was only part of the E commitment. They had to pony up at least that much over again just for the sponsorship.

    Brad Henderson

  19. That is hilarious! Thanks for making my day so much better!

    Seriously though, by your logic, whenever you perform, you are killing magic. You're a magic killer!
  20. No I can't blah.

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