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  1. Hey guys I was wondering if you can make any recommendations for psychological magic or mentalism. I have psychological subtleties 1 and 2 also derren brown pure effect and tricks of the mind. But I cant seem to get my hands on any other psychological items can you guys make some recommendations and I dont want any items that just use psychological presentation but psychological techniques.:(

  2. Thirteen Steps to Mentalism - Corinda

    Fundamentals of Professional Mentalism - Bob Cassidy
  3. I'm a little confused as to why you'd want more material. I've only got psychological subtleties 1, and it's all the mentalism I'm going to need for a long, long time
  4. Why not check out non magic related psychology books they may have some information.
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    You might find some of these threads interesting:


    A clarification question: Are you asking specifically about psychological forces or actual psychological techniques? There's a very big difference. It sounds like you are asking for the former, but I want to check. I perform psychological forces from time to time. However it's also safe to say that, given that my persona strongly involves psychology, and that I actually study psychology, and that psychology is one of my interests, that just about every effect I perform involves psychological techniques - for example, look at Terasabos, or Bill Goldman's Mental Yarn.

    In the meantime, out of curiosity, are you new to mentalism? It sounds like you are, and it's quite alright if you are, and no-one will look down on you if so - and if not, apologies for the question.

    If looking over mentalism-related threads over here are indication of anything, it's that 95% of people who talk about it have no idea what they're talking about. And what they do know extends only to what popular magic would have you believe.

    However I ask because too many magicians see Derren Brown performing, want to do exactly what he does, under the illusion that they can force things and manipulate minds - without the slightest idea about what mentalism is. Certainly, regardless, I would recommend Bob Cassidy and Corinda for an idea of the field in which you're performing. And when performing something like a psychological force, I'd heed Banachek's advice in PS2 - "Keep it Moo-ving".

    Truth is, psychological techniques are very different from what people perceive them to be - what Derren Brown presents them as in his shows, for example, is, more often than not, an old Annemann effect than a psychological technique.

    The bottom line: Whichever route you go, just make sure you know what you're studying. And beware confusing presentation for reality.
  6. Alakazam has quite a few good mentalism effects.
    My favorite mentalist is John Archer as well as a few others, but that man is just bloody entertaining. None of his material is genius but damn... that man can perform.
  7. The following are all excellent works with regards to the subject. Some of these may be old/out of print and hard to find.

    Crimmins-edited and Holden-published Annemann's "Practical Mental Effects."

    "Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine" - also published by Max Holden

    Doctor X & Doctor Q books

    Color or Prism Theory books by Phill Goldstein (A.K.A Max Maven)

    Eddie Clever: "Thought Wings Onward." Abbot published.

    "Physical Manifestations of Psychic Phenomena" - Hereward Carrington

    "Contact Mindreading" - Fitzkee and "Hellstromism" - Bob Nelson are both excellent works.

    The Roth Memory Course

    Blue Ribbon Books "The Complete Fortune Teller" (maybe out of print): covers all major fortune telling plots from numberology, to palmistry, cardistry, dreams, and inspiration for patter to last a lifetime.

    "Encyclopedia of Mindreading: Bob Nelson

    "How to Make a Ghost Walk" Dunninger & "Spirit Theater" Eugene Burger for pseudo spiritualism.

    The Tarbell course has some good stuff in it, and worth owning a copy anyways for other magical purposes.

    If you have acccess to any of the older copies of the Sphinx, Geni, Linking Ring, and Tops magazines, you'll find excellent mental articals written by Bill Larsen, Hubert Hood, J.G. Thompson, Jr. Rawson, Boarde, Weill, Fitzkee, Dailey, Parrish, Curry, and Kains. Most of this material will date from the 60's to 70's so it may be hard to find. I know the Magic Castle Library has all the Gini magazines on file, and will have most if not all of Bill Larsen's work too.

    U. F. Grant's One Man Mind Reading Act.

    "13 Steps to Mentalizm" Corrinda.

    ....I could go on but I think that I've done more than my fair share of research for you. It's your turn now.

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