Will theory11 decks be back? Centurions + Smoke&Mirrors

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  1. :confused:Hey guys I am not used to theory 11 but I was wondering when there will be some new centurians white and black and some smoke and mirrors.

    Can I expect them to come back if so when I dont want to miss them.:confused:
  2. The next edition Centurions and the third edition Smoke & Mirrors are on the production schedule at USPCC as we speak, so we expect arrival in warehouse within the next several weeks. As soon as we have a more specific update, will let you know through the forums, newsletter, or twitter.
  3. Alright thanks for clearing that up.
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    Nice.....I was just wondering this the other day as well.

    Here is another thought. I know E does this as well but is there any chance that Theory 11 could do a bundled deck where you get 3 different decks together or 6 decks?

    For example: 1 Bee Stinger, 1 Centurion, & 1 Smoke and Mirrors

    This would be great so people can see which ones they like to order more of.

    I would definitely by a 3 deck bundle.
  5. Yup bundled packs are great----Off subject I have gotta say I have been very surprised at the crappy customer service that "E" has given me lately.

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