Will this sleight work?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by azhiguore, May 31, 2017.

  1. I have an idea for a trick but wanted to check before spending hours mastering it:

    1. Show palm of hand is empty while pinching coin between fingers behind it.

    2. Flip hand over to show back of hand is empty while opening fingers to allow coin to roll into palm.

    3. Reveal coin.
  2. The effect has already been done.

    However the title of your post "Will this sleight work" is bewildering.. Try It!
    No one can know if a sleight will work unless they try it...
    It's like asking a chef if you add a pinch more salt....will it be good?
    Or... A soccer player (I didn't forget you people) if they put more spin on the ball will it go in.... freaking try it!!!
  3. Could you put a link to where someone uses this effect?
  4. Pinching a coin between your fingers is often called a "clip". If the coin is in front of the hand it's just a "clip" if it's behind it's a "back clip". Chris Ramsay just posted a video a few weeks ago of a magician vanishing a coin with the use of a clip. I believe he provides a tutorial as well. Homer Liwag has a lot of work on the clip.

    There is work on transferring the clipped coin to a palm or different clip. The easiest in my opinion is from the thumb clip. David Stone has work on this, thumb clip to palm. I'm trying to think of others who use it. I want to say that Rune Klan steals from between his fingers often as well.
  5. I believe it was initially taught in Bobo. Chris Ramsay did a video with Jack Nobile a while back in which Jack goes over his custom variation on the move.

    But just try things! You wouldn't even need to ask here. Just grab a coin and try it.

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