WIN $300 !! The iForce Video Contest is ON.

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  1. Hello friends,

    If you have a copy of iForce, here's a chance for you to make 100 times what you paid for your app.

    If you don't know about iForce, here's a link to our site:

    And a link to the App Store page:

    We want to see what our customers are doing with iForce. How are you using iForce in a creative way? To that end we've put together this Video Contest.

    This is something that we had talked about over a month ago, but we wanted to wait until you had enough of a chance to play with iForce before we started the contest.

    1st place prize is $300
    2nd place prize is an autographed copy of Greg Rostami's STUCK! DVD & the upcoming COSMOS2 DVD
    3rd place prize is an autographed copy of the STUCK! DVD

    The deadline for the video submissions is midnight December 31st 2009 from your time zone (NO exceptions).

    Here are the rules of the contest:
    1. You must use iForce for the effect
    2. You can mix iForce with other magic effects or props if you wish
    3. We have the right to use your video to help promote iForce
    4. You must post a public video on YouTube (with the ability to comment turned on)
    5. The performance should be of an impromptu setting (if your video seems staged with stooges you’ll be disqualified)
    6. You could do a video of yourself doing the effect just for the camera, but we will dock you points for not having a live audience.
    7. Do not expose the secret(s) of iForce either intentionally or by a poor performance.

    Your video will be judged by both Randy and I. We’re going to try to get a few big names in magic to judge as well, but for now it’s just Randy and I. We hope that other celebrities will contact us about being judges.

    Your video is going to be judged based on (in order of importance):
    1. The Effect
    2. The Performance
    3. Creativity (originality, cleverness)
    4. Video quality (production quality)

    If you want to participate in this contest, or if you have any questions, please email me at:

    The winners will be announced on as well as this forum on January 10th 2010.

    Good luck to you all . . . Randy and I can’t wait to see your videos.
    Greg Rostami
  2. count me in this sounds awesome
  3. Count me in as well.
    Btw does the effect have to be totally original?
    And does the spectators' reactions count in the judging?


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    So in short they can use your image, voice, likeness, and performance in anyway shape and form that they wish, and at any time they wish (be it now, or in the future) even without your concent by submitting a video to this contest. You also wave any rights to claim payment for your part in their marketing, and possibly any credit in print or video. Just so you know what it is you are getting into. I'd certainly want to double check the credit part since they don't illaberate at all on what the marketing plans are that your video could be used for.

    This fine print should be carefully considered before entering. I'd make sure you are absolutely 100% proud of your video before you submit it if I were you. Make sure it's the best quality you can produce.
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    Hi dAVID,

    The effect does not have to be original.
    The spectators reactions don't count . . . REAL spectators often react internally others externally. We are judging you based on YOUR performance.

    Hi William,

    Here is the fine print.

    Whoever decides to participate in this competition is posting their videos on YouTube.

    If we ever use those videos for marketing, it's going to be nothing more then a link to a YouTube video.

    The videos that are submitted don't belong to us . . . they are simply your videos that you have submitted to YouTube . . . and it just so happens that one lucky person is gonna get $300 for posting a video to YouTube.

    That's as much fine print that I can think of right now. I hope that answers your questions.

    The video quality counts , but not THAT much. Remember, we're interested in your performance and your effect . . . that's why video quality is the last item on the list.

    Greg Rostami
  6. Thanks for the clarification Greg! Sounds like one hell of a prize!

    All the best!
    William Draven
  7. WIN 300 The iForce Video Contest is ON

    sm=americanasmiley.gifsm=feedback.gifI have a Tahoe and I want to carrier my bike with out using a trailer. Have any one ever use this product or know any thing about it. Is this thing safe to carrier a motorcycle . Please let me know
  8. Now THAT's what I call fine print. And a might fine PRIZE to go with it too.
    Hey Greg, is it okay if I perform in Chinese? It just so happens that I live in China, and is Chinese, and speak Cantonese, and you would be a racist if you denied my request. Just joking. But seriously, can I? I'll include subtitles.

    May the best video win. And it's the money that counts haha.

  9. Hi dAVID,

    You can perform in Chinese as long as there's subtitles . . . neither Randy or I speak Chinese so we would want to judge you as fairly as possible.

    good luck,
    Greg Rostami

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