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  1. “Window Pain”: A spectator’s signed selection is ripped into four pieces and placed into their hands. The magician visually causes their pieces to jump to his hand. As they appear, the pieces restore themselves until there is one piece remaining in the spectator's hand. This final piece exactly matches the restored card and is a great souvenir.

    I’ll keep this review short and to the point. Window Pain is a visual piece of magic and if you haven’t watched the demo, then I highly suggest you do. The appearance and restoration aspect of the effect is unique and “looks like real magic”. Blake does an exceptional job teaching the effect and literally takes you step-by-step, occasionally repeating the process numerous of times. In order to perform Window Pain, you’ll need to construct a simple gimmick (which reminds me much of 3C by Dan Hauss in Vol. 2 of Restless) that’s very versatile in its nature – in case you don’t have the needed items, Blake does offers an alternative approach. Despite the looks of the effect, I didn’t like the fact you have to carry a few ’extras’ in the deck, but despite my initial reaction of the effect, I won’t be performing Window Pain to any further extent. It’s a remarkable effect, but it’s just not for me but, don’t let that stop you from checking it out – because if you liked the effect, then you’ll probably like the effect!
  2. This is an absolutely incredible effect. When I saw what Blake had done to 3C, I was honestly taken aback by what he was able to turn it into. Love the presentation, gimmick and effect. A REAL worker.
  3. blake showed me this a few months back and it just looks great. motivated and very magical. the demo doesnt really show the effect in whole, but it is very awesome.! wave is also awesome! and that started shipping today! so pick it up pick it up!

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