Winning a coin toss every time

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  1. I'm currently working on at least two methods to win a coin toss, apart from all those tutorials on youtube where you just feel the face with your thumb, does anyone know if there is anything like this available? I'd love to have come up with something original that I could release.
  2. Jay Noblezada has a Video called "Controlled coin flip", It's pretty great i almost have it down, but with it you can make a coin land on whatever side you want, check it out. I know for sure they have it for sale at penguin magic.
  3. Get Nefech's HOT & COLD which stands for "Heads Or Tails & Control Over Long Distance" I don't own it but I've heard it's pretty good and it does what you've described (i think :p)
  4. I don't know what is on youtube, but the easiest method would be probably gimmicked coin. Take a normal one, give for examination, switch for gimmicked one, toss it, and switch again for a normal. If you prepare yourself well, you can make them even believe that you've done it with their coin.
  5. This may be hard to find, but Dan and Dave have a method on their twothousandten DVD. I'm pretty sure it's on one of their really early books. Coin is normal and it's not that hard.
  6. Dan and Daves method is good. I think it's also in the Organic booklet. I used to gimmick my own coins for controlled coin tosses. Was pretty simple/basic but did the job and was pretty inconspicuous. I may actually write that up some time soon.
  7. Does anyone know where I could see a video of dan and Dave's version? That would be great.
    As hot and cold can be used to predict it when the spectator both tosses and catches the coin, I can't see it being anything like mine, which is purely sleight based. I have two methods, even though you toss and catch it, in each the spectator calls the coin either before or after it lands and you control whether they win or lose.
    Based on what I've seen Jay Noblezada do, I believe it is a method that is taught on the Hustle, that UK TV show, which can be found on youtube. I'm also working a little bit on improving that method so you can actually flip it into the air like normal, as opposed to just throwing it, though obviously the original is not my idea.
  8. I can do this 100% of the time with a false turnover. It's a move where you pretend to turn a coin over onto the back of the other hand, but actually leave the same face facing up.

    Just say "i'm going to flip the coin, catch it, and turn it over onto the other hand"

    Then flip it, catch it, get a peek at which face is up, and either do a real or a fake turnover depending on what you need. You'll have slow reactions at first but after practice you can do it full speed.

    MUCH easier and more reliable than trying to control the flip ....
  9. Nefech's HOT & COLD DVD teaches several ways to control a coin toss; my personal favorite being a way to control a coin spinning on a table. Hands off for the entire spin and no fake catches. Seriously cool move

  10. Try detecting the orientation of the coin before the false turnover by feel rather than by peeking the coin. Much quicker after practice and your eyes don't have to strain to discern which way the coin is facing.
  11. Hey, thank you for your share. I just need these?
  12. I think there would so many tricks and tips listed over websites that could make it simple for showing such coin skill. You can search over there and can also learn it from famous persons. In fact some DVDs also have flocked in the market that can teach you this skill effectively.

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