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    Although (judging from the other thread) nobody besides me cares about it, I really would like to get an answer to this:

    Do you only get Archive points for releasing priced downloads, or do you get points for releasing free downloads aswell?

    if its the latter I wonder why my "counter" still says I have zero points, although I released 3 downloads on the wire since the archive started. This btw. leads to my next question:

    How do you actually receive the points?

    The archive seems to be managed through your store account, however the store account is in no way related to someones wire account (atleast I don't know about any relation). Same for submitting videos to the mediasection. The forum account (which is the account which is used for submitting to the mediasection) isnt associated or connected to the store account. So how do you actually receive the points you "earn" by submitting to the media section or by releasing on the wire?
    The only thing that makes sense is, the way you get points by buying products, because it uses the same account (store account).
    I guess thats the way most people earn their points with, and therefore nobody cares about my questions =/

    If I missed something and the archive isnt actually "ready" yet, than Im very sorry. Otherwise I would really like to get an answer.

    thank you in advance

  2. I'm curious as well :)
  3. good to know that Im not the only one curious about this :)
  4. Hey Joey, at the moment, reviews submitted, media section videos posted, and new effects published on The Wire receive points as long as the email address used in your forum or wire artist account matches that of your store account. This is why it asks you to "login" if you want to earn points for reviews submitted (there's a green button we added to the bottom of each product page in the review section).

    So as long as your email address matches on all accounts, you should receive your points automatically (whether your effect is free or paid on The Wire). If you didn't receive points, and believe you should have, definitely shoot a message to our support crew and they will check into this for you and ensure you are provided any and all points you are due!

    Within the next few weeks, we'll be transitioning to one "theory11" account where you won't have to manage separate accounts for separate site sections. This will greatly simplify the Elite Member system and allow for much easier management of your forum, store, and artist account.
  5. If someone did use a different email address before the global account is introduced, will the points lost be added?
  6. Of course - if you believe you are due any points that you have not gotten, shoot a message to our support crew and they will make sure you get fixed up and provided all points due on the spot!
  7. I ordered for 57.55 $ and I haven't received my Elite Points yet.
  8. Hey Danne, submit a message to our support crew and they will make sure this is resolved for you ASAP today!

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