Wire Charts Stand-Still?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pav, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. I try to pay attention to my performance on the Wire as much as possible. I usually check my view count and my place on the charts at least once a day. But I think there may be a problem, as much as it pains me to say it. My downloads have been at the top of the Cardistry chart for a while now, but so many new downloads have been released and they don't even show up on the chart. Considering that these charts are measured by view count, that means that they should be on the list pretty much by default. My worst downloads end up on that chart at some point, I can't imagine it's much different for other people. I would love to continue my current status on the Wire, but not if it's a technical error.


    Those are the charts I'm talking about, just to be clear.
  2. Hey Pav, I just checked and I can confirm that the charts are accurate as listed!
  3. That's very odd, it's just hard to believe that even with all of the new releases, the cardistry chart remains completely unaffected. I know my personal dashboard is frozen, my most recent moves don't record any of the views they're getting, despite the ratings that I see on my downloads. I just leads me to believe that there may be some technical difficulties that we're overlooking. Thanks for the response though.

    -Patrick Varnavas
  4. Or no-ones watching your videos...
  5. I'm less concerned with my downloads, I used them as evidence of a possible of a technical error. My downloads are the only downloads that I can actually see a view count for, so it's the only place where I can actually look at any numbers aside from the ratings that are already displayed. I'm more concerned with the accuracy of the charts, it isn't fair to other people. And did you actually look at the chart? My download "Class Act" is second on the chart, yet it reads 264 views on my dashboard. The download directly above Class Act is Cocoa, and that has around four thousand views. Those numbers don't make any sense, Zach Mueller's Whoopsie Twirl is third on the Cardistry charts. I have to believe his download got more than 264 views, he's one of the most popular artists on the Wire. Even the YouTube video of the Whoopsie Twirl got over six thousand views. All I'm saying, is the numbers don't make sense. I'm not complaining for my own gain, it just isn't fair to other artists.
  6. Yes, this does seem odd. Perhaps they switched to a new rating format that we are not aware of?
  7. I'm not sure, it just doesn't seem accurate to me. The fact that my dashboard is frozen leads me to believe that it may be the same way for other people. I really have no clue, but something doesn't seem right.
  8. Hey Pav, send our support crew a screenshot of the dashboard issue you're seeing, and we can check into this further for you. You can upload your screenshot to www.imgur.com and send the link and a short note to www.theory11.com/support. That way, it will go directly to our development team. Thanks for the heads up!

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