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  1. hey guys i will soon be filming the tutorial to a wire release.i wanted to know if you guys have any tips.how would you guys like it to be?by this i mean the music ,kind of place, lighting ,angles ,audio,ETC...

  2. Think about what you had trouble with when learning and developing the trick and make sure you mention the solutions to those problems. Also, give verbal instruction.
  3. Clean the area you are filming in. Don't wear the shirt you wore to bed. Brush your teeth. clean your hair. clean your nails. Smile. Don't be so eager to put something out just because it's an "original idea". Look at the effect or move critically and ask yourself "Would I buy this?"
  4. Look at well made Wire products. What makes them look good? Two example of an excellent trick is Splicer and Pungo. They look high quality and are very well made. Also, think about the backdrop for your video. We don't want to see your messy room. Maybe you should take your camera and go look for a place around your neighborhood that has a nice background.
  5. Use natural light when you can. If you film outside the lighting looks pretty good most of the time.
    Clean up your room, for a background just have something simple :)
  6. Yes. Always have good lighting. And make sure you have good enough camera quality because they won't accept it if you don't.

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