With A One Handed Fan

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    EDIT: Battle has been changed to "Original Effect"
  2. sure can i do a carnahan??
  3. is it a one handed fan? lol, if it is then yes, but it has to be ONE HANDED.:)
  4. it is! :) go to dan and dave store and they have a vid of it! :) and my avatar has me doing it
  5. okay, I'll probably upload mine tomorrow.
  6. Sorry For The Double Post, but I was wondering, instead of "with a one handed fan" you want to do an "original effect" contest? it has to be an effect you created.
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    Nvm redoing it
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    Grr it will be up friday
  9. [video=youtube;0Kdd5_fKmyI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Kdd5_fKmyI[/video]

    ok well after this battle im going ghost
  10. Casen:

    Good performance and kudos for actually performing for a live spectator! I didn't like the pick a card joke initially, but upon watching the video a second time I understood the reason for saying that. In the beginning (around :22 to :24), your hand is unnecessarily covering the deck. Also, bend the Ace less when you are showing it to the spectator and the camera. I liked how you asked the spectator to pick the number of cards in their hand. Your presentation style was good. You had confidence and didn't seem nervous at all.

    I give you credit for coming up with something original. However, it lacks a strong plot. The effect is a card is selected, five cards are dealt to the spectator's hand, the deck is sprung, the card is missing from the deck and is found in the spectator's hands.

    You could make it better by putting the card on the table (or in another spectator's hands) while you are dealing out the selected number of cards. Also, if the spectator picks 4 cards actually deal out five (four plus the selected card) so that not only the card is in their hands but there is one more card than they thought in their hands. You could actually do a face up count of the cards in their hand. I would play the effect as their card disappears when you spring the cards. To me, that seems more magical. Also, it changes the context in which you look through the deck. Rather than thinking the card is there, you are showing them that it isn't there. They will think that you are somehow "hiding" the card in the deck. At that point, you tell them that it actually jumped into the four cards that they are holding. PM me if you want ideas on how to do the handling for the additional parts of the effect.

    I give you credit for using patter other than say-do-see (saying what you are going to be doing, doing it and then saying "see what I did") patter. But, the patter doesn't add to the effect. I don't have any ideas at the moment, but I'll think about it and send you a PM if I come up with anything.

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