Witness, card in bag

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  1. this is a great trick

    this also is known as Deauce Bag, from those who went to his Lectures

    i LOVE this effect, i use it at EVERY show

    AND NO, i am not Lee promoting his effect, i am 13 years old and my name is Jeff

    when this comes out, buy it, because even though this is a VERY simple trick.....

    this hits someone like a hammer to the crotch, very strong

    thought id throw in my 2 cents
  2. looks pretty sweet cant wait to see a preview vid
  3. It sounds awesome, hope the demo is good.
  4. I dunno kinda reminds me of that trick by Masuda I think it's called "Wow" except it uses a plastic baggy. I dunno similar effects, except less gimmicked I guess.
  5. I've never heard of this effect before but I'm assuming it's going to be a lot different than Waynes Card-In-A-Bag, since this one may actually be inside....I mean....sounds cool none-the-less

  6. This trick sounds amazing!

    Can't wait to get it.

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  7. so can it all be inspected afterwards even the card inside the bag if so this is an amazing effect
  8. this will probably be my next purchase, distortion and panic look good, DD is coin magic, but this is what im looking forward too the most.
  9. The great part about this effect will be that you can take your sandwich out of the bag and eat your lunch, then perform the effect.(joking) A must have if it is from Lee!!!

    Jeremy Hanrahan
  10. This is one im very much looking forward to seeing, if it's true to the description then i'll know i'd use it, sounds great.
  11. You sound as if you speak from experience. OUCH:mad:
  12. there are no gimmicks at all with the trick

    angle proff except if someone is standing right below you when youre doing the trick

    they can keep the bag/ deck, and card in bag
  13. sorry for the double post

    its a line from Boris Pocus
  14. also:

    - the card is inside the bag, yes...someone posted saying something like "it might actually be in the bag"

    - at the lecture, he let everyone feel the card to make sure it really was in the bag first off.

    - there's no gimmicks. and with a little practice, you probly could set it up right infront of your spectators.
  15. (repost)

    Hola everyone,

    Thanks for all the interest in Witness.

    Yes, it uses a zip-lock bag.
    Yes, this is something I've done at my lectures if you've seen me live.
    Yes, it's been in a set of notes before under the name Deuce Bag.
    Yes, it has no gimmicks.

    This is the first time my piece has been shot on video. Every nuance and detail has been filmed by WH and DH to ensure you're going to learn it, and more importantly --- perform it.

    While I won't reveal too much about the pre-release, I'll just say to keep you're eyes focused on theory11 for more juicy details.

    Guaranteed you'll love to perform Witness!

    Thanks for asking guys.


    ps. And a side note to those who already perform Wayne Houchin's Indecent routine -- Witness is a must have.
  16. If its from the great mind of Asher its bound to be good!

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