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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Yen Loong, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    This morning was looking around Theory11 website and came across this effect that Lee put out.

    As far as i remember, there is one trick from his Thinking out loud booklet, Deuce Bag, almost have the same effect which is describe in Witness page, so i just want to make sure that is it the same? or there is a new handling?

    take care :)
  2. It's probably a way better quality and a whole new way of doing it.
  3. Now that you mention it I remember that, hmm I hope it's different.
  4. What i think now is based on the same principle but different handling and the way to present it will be different too. Because on the booklet it self, it is not the prediction card.
  5. I agree with Yen. I doubt he would blatently put out the same material. This is probably based on the same principle with a newer (more evolved) handling that hopes to provide the best possible performance.

    I think the real goal here is practicality and effectiveness... and as far as I can remember, the effect published in Thinking Out Loud was great, but it wasn't beautiful.

    Hopefully, this new effect will combine beauty and practicality.

  6. i think it is the same effect, this is taken from the description page:

    "An original effect by Lee Asher... now in your hands. He has performed it across the world, and it has stunned audiences internationally. It's been the closing effect at his sold out lecture tours for years. Never before released on DVD-- until now."

    so it sounds to be the same effect, just put on dvd. from the description, it sounds to be the same effect that he performed at his lecture. actually in the description it also says that he used it to close his lectures, which he did.

    so if you want to buy it again for documentational purposes, then you can do so, but i think it is the same effect, but filmed in high quality and released on dvd.

    also, he probly just changed the name because it would be sold to a larger group of people which are likely to be young (lots of them anyway) and the name can sound a little close to inapropriate. although it was quite funny when he told us the name at the lecture, pretty sure everyone laughed.

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