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    Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to post a couple concise reviews of my more recent purchases (in this and other threads). This is my review of Witness.

    Witness is absolutely fantastic. This trick is simple, hard-hitting, and well thought out. The reactions you get from this are really strong, and it is so much fun to do.

    The teaching is incredible. Not only is the trick described extremely well, but Lee Asher's performance tips are incredibly useful. Not only do you learn how to craft the perfect routine for this particular trick, you learn very valuable lessons that you could apply to other tricks.


    Rating: 10/10

    * If you buy this join the Witness E-mail Session.
  2. What is the Witness Email Session?
  3. No problem man. It's actually a really good thing to sign up for, the tips are great.
  4. sort fo a short review - for further reviews, remember to post in the difficulty, angles, how hard is the gimmick to make, you know - a little extra info!


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