Woody Aragon, Anna DeGuzman, Adrian Vaga and More

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RickEverhart, May 10, 2019.

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    If you have never been to a magic convention you are truly missing out on an amazing time. Last weekend I was able to hang out with Woody Aragon, Anna DeGuzman, Adrian Vaga, Nick Lewin, Robert Baxt, Jason Hudy and many more professionals in our art.

    The Battle of Magicians Convention is held every year in my hometown of Canton, OH. I look forward to it each and every year. This is about the 17th year I have attended. There are contests, lectures, dealers's booths to purchase products, jam sessions, shows, etc. It is just a fun filled weekend of non stop magic.

    If there is ever a convention near you...please do yourself a favor and sign up. Nothing beats what you will experience and relationships you will form.

    Ohio just happens to have two conventions that I really enjoy - Josh Jay and Andy Gladwin's Magifest in Columbus, OH and then The Battle of Magicians in Canton, OH a few months after.

    If your state has a cool convention and you want us to know about it...please feel free to post it on this thread.
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  2. You are tempting me....
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  3. Yes, the regional magic conventions are great fun! March was by 3rd Portland Magic Jam. David Regal, Jonathan Levit, Tom Burgoon, & Robert Ramirez were there this year. Asi Wind and Michael Ammar are other highlights from previous ones I attended. I do wish I had made it to last year's as I'm sure Rocco and the others were awesome! I can't wait until next March for my favorite weekend of the year. It's well worth the drive from Seattle.
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