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  1. Hey everyone! Today I released one of my favorite effects with on the Wire I have a handful of tips and tricks that I use when performing and would like to share them here on this thread. This would also be a great place to ask any questions or clarifications.

    Check it out!

  2. Could you please describe the effect in it's entirety. In the trailer there are many cuts and i still don't know how they make their selection: is it random? Is it by adding that-number-and-that-number, is it by doing something weird?

    Is there a full, uncut performance?
  3. Yeah here's an alternate trailer with an uncut performance. The back ground noise is a bit distracting so we, the Wire team and myself, decided to go with the trailer you find on the product page.

  4. Thanks! I'm really considering picking this up. My only problem is that theory 11 doesn't accept paypal. Is there any way i could buy it of you or on a different website?

    Thank you.
  5. Tip: One thing to keep in mind is that you can name the chosen character before they say anything. For the video above I asked the spectator before I revealed the puzzle. It's a bit more risky but you could say "I think I can see your picture now, there is some water near by, it's warm, I see sand maybe a boat. Yes! And the sailor's name is Bentley". Try it out!
  6. Tip: If you wanted to obscure the last revelation a great way to do so would be to put the picture upside down. This would work especially well if you didn't want to fold up the puzzle to obscure the image.
  7. Tip: To make it look just a bit more authentic you could rip the page you will use for the puzzle out of a journal or sketch book before printing it. You could also just rip the edge of the puzzle so that it looked like it had been ripped out of a book.
  8. Tip: You can change the name to whatever you like. So, you can use it as a double revelation if you'd like. I had a friend write and tell me that he was going to use this effect in conjunction with an "Infamous" deck. I personally perform this with the name Joseph. Then I do a trick with baseball cards and force a Shoe-less Joe Jackson card. I can then say that I planted the idea to chose Joe with the word search.
  9. Tip: It occurred to me that you could write the sailors name down with a Frixion pen as a prediction. You could write "Christopher Terry" as the prediction and then use a lighter to eliminate all of the letters besides p-e-t-e-r.
  10. Tip: Watch for my Download on Penguin, you will now be able to use Paypal and it comes with the actual PDF of the Puzzle I use.

    Note: Please if you are going to rate this effect purchase it first. At one point I had more ratings than actual purchases, I assume that most were mad that it was not free. If you post a negative review please feel free to leave feedback as well.

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