World Magic Seminar

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BillyG, May 2, 2008.

  1. Wow, this year was awesome! I got to see one of the best Card Manipulation acts in my entire life! The dude won the Golden Lion Head award. It was insane.
    The entire week was awesome! I got to meet so many cool people! Lee Asher and Aaron Fisher was there along with all the superstars of magic! I am going again next year!
  2. how much do u pay and where is it?
  3. It's in Vegas, Didn't make it over myself this time though :(

  4. hey i was at teen weekend it was absolutly sick i only got to stay for one day of the convention because i had to come home for school but i met lee and luke jearmay aswell as aron fischer and a bunch more .
  5. really?

    what's your name?
    I did not really talk to a lot of people cuz i was a tad shy.
  6. my name is alex and wereyou at teen weekend?
  7. Sounds awesome man! Too bad I most likely won't be there quite a travel for me.
  8. I don't have any more funds left for conventions for a while...

    I'm set for the IBM/SAM/ combined convention though!
  9. I was the guy that started the card war the first day. are you the alex ferriera or alex gregory?
  10. im alex ferriera i think i remember you were you in the giant s fan line?
  11. Man this year was awesome, so many people and amazing shows and lectures. It was nice meeting you guys. Billy's the most perverted guy ever and alex is really sick for his age. No way I'm missing next year or any year for that matter. Any input on the convention by chris kenner, katie, lee, aaron, dan or dave as I saw you guys hanging there? How did you guys like it.
  12. no i wasnt in the fanline...i did not get invited in it so i didnt partake in the festivities.

    haha Jorge, most perverted guy ever is an over exaggeration. andrew's daily vocabulary was more colorful than mine
  13. hey wats up jorge. Ive been working on the tornado cut and the skater cut i will eventually be able to do them aswell as you. How was the rest of the convention? get anymore autographs?
  14. i could only do the tornado cut...the skater cut is insane.

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