Wormhole - (A No Tear, No Rip, CARDWARP)

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Suux88, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Here is my new effect - Wormhole, I have been working on which is a version of the Cardwarp; no tearing, no ripping, super clean, super fair.

    I have yet to see this in print, so I believe it's original unless some of you can tell me otherwise.

    It is meant to be a magician FOOLER, and hopefully it fools most of you.

    Feel free to comment, or give constructive criticism.
    Check it out here
  2. Wow. Real looker right there.

    But the handling stilll seemed a little...I don't know...Unnatural?

    The way you kept showing the faces of the jack, but never just flashing the jack on camera also draw attention to how the jack may/may not be gimmicked.

  3. Dude that's awsome ... seriously, it looked VERY clean .. I, as a magician, got fooled, seriously.
  4. nice conjuring very well ive also always wanted a cleaner time warp............next thing you know your special gimmick is being sold on every website and your magic takes off..............lol i dono good luck man
  5. im not sure but it seemed like the six was gimmicked because of the way you were holding them... it seemed unnatural
  6. close, yet so far
    the jack is gimmicked

    i am looking unnatural because i am trying to be fair at the fingertips
  7. i knew it was the jack! lol i dont care but good job make a performance video i bet peeps love it...........................
  8. Looks great.
  9. I spoke with him
    it's not the same

    he said mine is better

    if you would like that e-mail exchange let me know

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