Worst Card Reveal Ever

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lex, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. "Was it the . . . Two of Hearts?"

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  2. WOW that's frightening.... I wouldn't try to impress the females with that one!
  3. upon seeing that picture i have two things to say

    yes, that was my card


  4. OMG, how did u know my card? Dear god I wanna look away but the reveal intriuges me....must not look.....eyes pulsating, wanting to....blaaaaaaarrrrhhhgggg
  5. Oh... My God... I can't keep down my breakfast... And I actually shook when I saw that... I'm Gavomiting... I always knew there was something wrong with Daddy...
  6. Oh...my...God

    I'm gagging and vomiting at the same time...

    I'm...I'm gavomiting!

  7. Mom?....is that you
  8. This is slightly disturbing....actually it's extremely disturbing. I hope that isn't you. lol
  9. Nice to see im not the only one on here addicted to scrubs
  10. I have to be honest, when I saw this earlier I was almost certain that the picture was of TheBlack&WhiteIllusionist, sorry bro. :D

    And nice use of Gavomiting, I too thought I was the only SCRUBS addict.
  11. Kinda looks like Orlando Bloom.
  12. I'm gonna do that when I get buffer. Impress the ladies you know what im sayin???
  13. Oh, OH! That was sooooo cold.

    #1. My nipples look WAY better than this guys.


    #2. I have The Ace Of Spades on my front (Tally-Ho Ace) and The Jack Of Spades on my back. On the streets I go by the name Cha Cha "Black Jack" Dominguez and it's a hundred bucks just to take a peek at the fuzzy art, baby.

    Btw, Thanks. Scrubs is THE best (EAGLE!!!).
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    Thats HardCorey!!

  15. It's more impressive than the card in the bra trick...
  16. Where'd you guys find my picture?
  17. Well, as bad as that picture was, I'm just greatful that it wasn't the THREE of Hearts.

    ....I don't even want to see where that third heart would be shaved from.....
  18. Although hilarious (noone can deny that), I think this thread has run its course. Haha. Back to talking about card reveals that don't make you throw up in your mouth a little.
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