Worst Time for magic?

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  1. Hello everybody! it's been quite awhile, but it's Wednesday which means its TIME FOR GAME-NIGHT!! If your new around here the rules are simple I make up a stupid question and you guys respond with stup- Uh... I mean funny answers! SO lets dive into it!!

    AS magicians we seem to take magic too serious always wanted to perform for each and everyone. Whenever and whoever. It's been used as a crutch for many ant-socials. That is why I ask you this:
    Who and where is the worst for performing magic.

    As always be creative and have fun!!!!
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  2. Who: Your dermatologist

    Where: Literally anywhere you see your dermatologist
  3. Who dan and Dave buck

    Where: Cardistry con
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  4. Of course the obvious in fact they are reading this right now:

    Who: Students

    Where: In class

  5. Who: A police officer
    When: After they have pulled you over for going 75 mph in a 25 mph zone.
  6. I feel directly targeted by this post lmao
  7. Who: A mystery guest with nice shoes

    Where: Under the bathroom stall wall
  8. definitely me right now haha.

    I'll go with the obvious, you're a gynecologist mid pap smear "oh look! I found a sponge ball!"
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  9. who: David Blaine

    Where: While he is in ice
  10. I met a gynecologist magician and he said he's done that with d-lites for some of his patients. Obviously only the ones who would be okay with it though.
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  11. Uhhhhhhh.............​
  12. oh wow haha that's such a risky move, especially in today's climate. I can only imagine the request of consent "excuse me, may i stop the session for a moment to perform some magic with your privates?"
  13. He's been retired for awhile so I'm guessing it was a long ish time ago.
    You meet a lot of interesting people in magic shops...
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  14. Who : Your Grandma

    Where: Her Funeral
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  15. Who: School Children

    Where: The Back of my rusty van, parked at the playground.
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  16. Was hoping I wouldn't have to say funeral, glad someone else thought of it

    Edit: "glad" is a funny word.

    I'm glad I didn't have to say it. Upset that I thought of it immediately lol
  17. Who: Taylor Swift

    Where: Over her bed while she slept....

    Damn I'm creepy... lol
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  18. Who: Prison Inmate

    Where: Prison Showers...
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  19. @CWhite this is taking such a strange turn
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  20. Oh look, I found the soap
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