Worth getting Tarantula 2?

Nov 13, 2019
Recently I ran out of loops as I kept breaking them (don't think I was strengthing them before hand well enough) and I remembered ages ago around 2018 when it was released (may of been 2017 I'm not too sure) I was tempted to get Tarantula 2. Although money was tight back then so I got stickman bob and left it at that.

However now I have so money and was considering getting Tarantula II - the reviews are mixed but mostly 4 or 5 stars so its less about wondering if its worth the money, but more alternatives that have come about since I last looked, or is there any new products alike to it that are going to be released in the near future?

Any feedback or thoughts is helpful, or should I just stick with my basic loops, even though I think I only performed with them once as alot of them broke trying to do a haunted card in practice.
Jul 7, 2020
I received Tarantula 2 as a Christmas gift, and absolutely loved it. I think it could take a bit more preparations than Loops, but the reactions to it (even before I learned the misdirection included) are insane. The ideas given in the video are just a few of the things I’ve done with it.

There are some cheaper options out there, but this one’s lower than all of the 100+ dollar ones. Yet this is a high quality, creative idea that breaks (if you properly care for the thread) way less than Loops. Plus, you’ve got a whole reel of thread to experiment with rather than the hit-or-miss “will it it break” game you sometimes have to play with the limited amount of Loops.

As far as the secret goes, I’ve never been caught with it. It’s clever and deceptive.

Of course, I was lucky enough to have someone gift it to me, but in my eyes it would’ve been 100% worth it. More opportunities and effects than with Loops. I love both, and they’ll each stay in my magic bag, but Tarantula is a great, cheaper long-term investment compared to other reels.
I have received Tarantula 2.0 long ago and I've been using it since then. I do recommend buying this product because, in a type of routine, you can show your hands to be completely free, there are many other ideas Yigal gave us including the bonus PK touches where you can use tarantula 2.0 for that. When I saw the trailer, I was completely fooled as I knew this work was with loops, but how they set it up was too clever.

To learn it is very easy and by far, this has been my favorite trick since it gives your audience's reaction to the next level. Like just imagine, you see something floating in the air, recreating the fact that floating objects are found only in the movies to real life. It is very deceptive, however. I've performed this trick on many a stage. It is good on camera, but best live.

I received this for my birthday and I was so happy that I could show my family and friends, something that seems totally impossible.
Henceforth, I very much do recommend Tarantula 2.0


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Oct 29, 2018
I bought myself Tarantula II not long ago and is a really well made high quality product in my opinion, i do believe anyway that for the price there should have been included a replacement set for the reel in my opinion but other then that is worth the money. I really enjoy it!
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