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  1. Ok, imagine this, someone chooses a card, then looses it inside of a deck. You then hand the deck to a spectator who shuffles the cards, and gives the cards back to you. You go through the deck take out the two jokers, and your ready to begin the trick. You lay the two (and only two) jokers on the top of the deck, you go ahead and push those two jokers together, then you show that there's a third card face down in between the jokers, which turns out to be the selected card.

    -The selected card can be signed
    -There is no preparation at all
    -You can do this with a borrowed deck
    -There is no gimmick
    -There would be different variations of the trick

    I need help deciding on a price for this effect, and if you have questions, i'll make sure to answer it....Thanks
    SINCERELY YOURS Joseph Jackson
  2. This sounds fairly similar to some other effects that have this same plot. But you could have something different. Do you have a performance video of it? That will help in us understanding the uniqueness of your effect and whether or not if it's marketable.
  3. At this point in time I do not, but I can work on it today, and upload the video today or some time tommorow.
  4. a video would help, because what you described is a very basic plot in card magic :) however if you have an idea for a new handling, that is where the money is!
  5. obrienmagic...THANKS, the way that I do the classic sandwich trick is with a completely new handling to get the card inbetween the two jokers. But there is allot of magic out there so it could have already been created, but I highly doubt it.
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  6. This sounds like a trick I learned about a year ago. Do you start with the jokers on the top and bottom of the deck?
  7. Nope, both jokers are on the top of the deck, and it truly is only those two jokers.

    I'm working on the performance video right now, so hopefully it makes more sense soon.
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  8. Cool! Will you be posting the video to this discussion, or will it be on a social media?
  9. You now what just for you, I'll post it in this forum Elok, the video will come out later than expected though, because my video editor keeps crashing.
  10. No problem the video will be out in about an hour or two
  11. just need to add some music and i'll be done
  12. The video is now rendering, So it will be out in the next 10 mins!
  13. Well it wont let me upload the video so im gonna try a different approach
  14. Heres my video!

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  15. that is a great effect!
  16. Looks cool!
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  17. Thank you, TylerScottIllusionist i'm glad you liked it, I need to make a tutorial video, and i'll be set :)
  18. That's a pretty neat idea. It would have been nice to see a simple, full and uncut performance of the whole routine without all the 'fluff'. Most of the video is just you spreading the sandwiched cards and doesn't really give an impression of the overall effect

    I would also be careful describing this as a 'completely new handling' though. Can't say I've seen anything exactly like this before but it seems like such a simple idea that it's a possibility that someone (if not several people) may have already published it. I just did a quick search for 'sandwich loading' on Denis Behr's Conjuring Archive (seriously, if you create card magic and don't consult this resource then you can't EVER claim to have 'done research' around your effect) and got the following results:


    There's a few items on there which could be similar to your technique (I'm thinking the 'side steal' ideas and the Bernard Billis move mentioned 17 lines down). Perhaps it's worth checking these resources? I'm not saying you didn't come up with this first or that your's doesn't have unique elements to it, but it's worthing knowing where similar ideas exist so you can at least credit 'magician x' for 'coming up with a similar thing many years ago'. It just makes you look that much more professional and learned.

    Good luck

  19. Well shoot, i'm new to this releasing magic thing, so I will re edit my video, credit who needs to be credited, show an uncut version of the trick, and redo my intro for the trick, so thank you for your constructive critisism

    also can i edit my old posts, and if so how?
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