Would you be interested in these?

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by icannotmakeapassword, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. yes i would buy both :]
  2. The reversal looked fishy, with the deck going out of view, and the jerking motion. I guess that's all you can do to misdirect the camera though.
  3. Even if the flourish would be free, you'd still have to practice it to perfection, because how can you learn from a teacher who didn't master the content he's trying to teach you? Don't get me wrong, the flourish is well thought of but you have to practice a lot more before you can make a teaching video of it.
  4. I could give you a better answer about the reversal idea if the camera angle was wider. In a real performance the deck won't go off the screen.
  5. I needed misdirection :D do let me know what you think of the flourishes?
  6. I'm not too interested in the effect because I have an idea on how it's done. The flourish doesn't look too original but I'm not 100% sure. The important part is you perform them well because at the moment it could look much better.
  7. As a general rule, I would not buy any product that the creator himself was not confident enough to put out there.

    I am quite afraid that for every good submission received and sold on the Wire, a dozen more untested and underwhelming "ideas" will pop up. Please leave that to Kevin Parker, and keep your integrity. The reversal was, in my opinion, not particularly interesting in any way; there was nothing new, there was no presentation, and you don't seem to handle cards particularly well either - you can't seem to do your own flourish smoothly... I'm aware that this is sounding harsher than I intended, but I honestly think this is ridiculous...
  8. I think you need to work on refining 'transversal'. It has a vast amount of suspicious movement, and awkward groping of the deck. The flourish is good. Just get a good camera and videographer.
  9. Tighten everything up:) If you need misdirection for "transversal" maybe it would help if you performed it live for someone.

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